Friday, February 15, 2019


How to avoid the Freshman 15

Freshman year is very exciting. A few things I had to learn the hard way: you have to purchase your own Scantrons,...

The longest government shutdown in history

Sydni Cunningham Social Media Editor In December 2018, the government entered the longest shutdown in history. The...

What you need to know for 2018 midterm elections

  Drumbeat student plus staff poll pie chart. Staff writer                                ...

Opinion: Housing’s GPA policy is fair

Nick Kennebrew, Sports Editor A 2.0 GPA is all you need to stay on campus at TJC. Housing can get complicated, especially when you’re waiting...

Opinion: The importance of respect

Anna Graves, Online Editor Opinions! Opinions! Opinions! Everybody has them! Have you noticed that wanting our opinions known and often forced upon people has caused...


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