Graduation: Class of 2021

By Andrea Valdez Broadcast News Director Graphic by Michael Bald The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 put many events on pause especially graduation ceremonies for high school and...


Column: Honorlock sparks concerns regarding privacy, security

By Chris Crymes Entertainment Editor Photo by Chris Swann COVID-19 has changed too many day-to-day activities to begin a count, but tackling an education mid-coronavirus has presented...



Latest Reviews

Book Review: Erica Sanchez explores the ‘perfect’ archetype within Mexican families

By Andrea Valdez Broadcast News Director Photo by Andrea Valdez Erika Sanchez’s novel “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter," follows Julia Reyes, a junior in high...

Staff Summer Sounds

Chris Crymes Entertainment Editor Bright emerald leaves are finally returning to the East Texan trees and TJC tank tops are making their way out of closets...

Downtown tyler’s new makeover

Photos and story by Chris Crymes Entertainment Editor From artist DPhillGood inviting families to his make-your-own-art painting stations to Lupita’s food truck to street artists “tagging”...



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