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Anticipated T-Mobile G1

Google's widely anticipated entry into the smart-phone market _ the T-Mobile G1, out this week _ has raised consumer expectations that it could be the next must-have gadget. But anyone expecting the G1 to be revolutionary is likely to be disappointed. The G1 borrows from the look and feel of existing smart phones; the touch screen is a little like the iPhone's, but less full-featured, while the pop-up menu with rows of icons resembles the BlackBerry.

Students a no show at school sporting events

If you look around a Tyler Junior College sporting event, you will see lots of students. The question is where? If you are at a football game you can find them all over the place in the band on the field, not to mention the cheerleaders, and the apache belles.

Fey Benefits From Election

These have been the stories shaking the political landscape this season: Tina Fey reduces Sarah Palin to chuckleheaded caricature, and the Republican vice presidential nominee responds by appearing alongside Fey on "Saturday Night Live," dutifully accepting Alec Baldwin's compliment that she's "much hotter in person.

‘Big’ and ‘little’ Belles carry on family tradition

'Bigs and littles' have brought the Belles closer together but have also kept them in touch with their past. "The best moment was when we got our 'bigs,'" freshman Belle Emma Schaaf said. "It made us more excited about the year and what's to come." When Director Ruth Flynn took over the Belles in 1984, she started a tradition that has continued ever since.

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