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Ghost Tracker

Shrouded in the woods of Cherokee County stands an old stone obelisk, hidden from civilization. It is the Killough Monument, erected in memorial of the victims of the worst massacre by Native Americans in East Texas history. According to local legend, the grounds of the mass murder is also one of the most haunted places in East Texas.

Students given opportunity to travel abroad

For the 21st time, TJC is offering students and tourists the opportunity to travel to a country on the other side of the world during Spring Break 2009. The trip will be to Western Turkey from March 6-15 and is open to everyone. "We have people of all ages," Dr.

Parking problems for students on campus

TJC has an increasing amount of students in a hurry to get to class, while trying to find a convenient place to park. Last fall, approximately 9,928 students were enrolled at TJC, according to a number provided by TJC officials. The number of parking spaces provided by TJC Maintenance shows that just on the main campus there are a total of 2,465 student spaces and a total of 592 faculty spaces.

Ready or Not?

With only five months since Hurricane Ike tore through the popular vacation spot, leaving over $11 billion dollars in damage, Galveston now only has a few weeks until the spring break season starts. With spring break approaching quickly, many students have the possible destinations on their minds.

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