Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Civil rights for everyone – except students

Apparently, students have less right to public information and records, because clearly constitutional laws do not apply to them. People can deny students basic civil liberties because, well, what can they do about it?

Rights of marriage should apply to all

This could possibly be the most controversial column I will write this semester, but please take into consideration that this is my opinion and my opinion alone and I am more than open to hearing your opinion. That is what a letter to the editor is for.

International students play role in building diversity at TJC

Since the 1980s, international students have played a role in building Tyler Junior College's diversity.

A Cappella prepares for first performance

Somber voices flow from the practice rooms through the upstairs floor of the Wise Cultural Arts Center as the A Cappella Choir prepares for its upcoming concert. The Nov. 5 performance will be the first time the group will be accompanied by a professional orchestra.

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