Monthly Archives: November, 2009

Moonlight Serenade tells story of family after war

It's July 4, 1945, in the small town of Tyler, Texas. Boys and girls are coming home from World War II in hopes of starting a new life. Little do they know, their futures have already been decided.

Annual wood fire a community art project

Students and faculty will spend a continuous 60 hours this winter camping out with a kiln in order to create a unique glazed finish on handmade pottery.

Friday the Thirteenth: Legend or fact?

Crossing a black cat, strolling under a ladder or even shattering a mirror, does not come close to surpassing the infamy of the legend of Friday the Thirteenth. The accursed day of a Friday falling on the thirteenth of the month, still sends a chill down the most unbelieving of spines.

Students may need to take a step back

If you were to compare our lifestyle nowadays to life just 20 years ago, the enhancements of everything that we use day-to-day is completely remarkable. But where has our patience and appreciation for everything gone? Did it go out the window with the tight jeans and the big hair of the 80's?

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