With golf season fast approaching, the Apaches have a long road ahead of them if they want to get back to the national tournament, at which they ranked in the top 10 last season.

The dynamics of the sport of golf are a lot different than any other sport Tyler Junior College has to offer. Not only are the athletes competing as a team, but also individually, because they compete against one another.

“Winning as a team is important, but since I’m trying to transfer, it looks even better if I win a tournament individually,” said sophomore golfer Maraea Durie.

The Apaches have turned a usually very solitary sport into a close-knit team with the men appearing at nationals every year since 1992, and the women every year since 1999.

“I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have very good teams,” said Head Coach Sandy Terry on his continued success leading the Apaches to nationals.

By Devin Mobley

Staff Writer

Many attempt to give back to the community in various ways, but Michael Strait has found an original way to perform this task.

Strait, an honors student at Tyler Junior College impresses the locals with what seems to be a random act of kindness. Outside of being a student, Strait has unique hobbies such as crocheting and knitting. It came to his attention that there was an opportunity to give back to the community with the use of his talents by accepting donated clothes and knitting them into blankets and rags that may be useful to different charities.

“A friend of mine mentioned doing an auction with a local artist. The handmade creations would go towards charity,” said Strait.

The idea seemed so perfect to him that he couldn’t refuse.  This upcoming March, there will be an auction held by the local artist. The art that is collected will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go directly to the charity of their choice. The Children of the Night will be one of the charities participating in this event. Though Strait didn’t construct this event, he still finds himself in the forefront. Doing plenty of work to make it all happen.

By Brittany Weatherspoon

Staff Writer

Student Senate is evaluating a complete ban of tobacco use on campus

In an open forum on Jan. 29, students raised the issue about Tyler Junior College possibly becoming a tobacco-free campus. Smoking is currently not allowed on campus and if TJC becomes tobacco free no type of tobacco can be on campus.

The administrators want to determine student’s attitudes about this issue by bringing it to the Student Senate. Students can weigh in this issue by taking a survey on Students Senate’s Facebook page.

When school officials made TJC a non-smoking campus they considered having designated smoking areas, but they didn’t think it was right.

Night Under the Stars

By Amber Jones

The wide variety of shows and exhibits draws students and the community together to learn new things at Tyler Junior College’s Center for Earth & Space Science Education Center.

The center has many events and shows open to the public, and it hosts field trips for grade schools from across the area as well.

The center was added to Hudnall Hall in 2010 and opened in September 2011 as an upgrade. The old Hudnall planetarium has been a part of TJC since 1963 and is now the center’s exhibit hall.

“The shows are just like a movie. You sit down, and you watch it,” Said Robert Parish coordinator for the CCESSE.