Hello, my name is Taylor, and I have an undeniable, chronic problem with intolerance.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, and in fact, it makes for great dinner table conversation. I’ve slowly added to my laundry list of annoyances over the years—a collection I’ve grown quite fond of.

It doesn’t take much to really push my buttons. I suppose my problem began as a child when even then everything had to be just so and in its proper place—in my terms, anyway.

Texting while driving is dangerous for many reasons; but at least one state legislature is considering a bill that would ban walking while texting due to potential dangers.

Laws have been banning texting while driving since 2007, Washington being the first state to pass such a law. Texting while driving has been banned to all drivers in states like California and banned to new drivers in Texas.

Texas law regarding texting and driving prohibits cellphone use to all drivers in school zones, and all drivers under the age of 18 are forbidden from using cellphones while driving. Also, bus drivers are prohibited from all cellphone use while children are present. The reasons for these laws are similar to reasons why walking and texting could be seen as dangerous. Nevada’s assemblyman Harvey Munford, has proposed a bill that could potentially outlaw texting while walking with fines up to $250 to those who text while crossing roads. Although there’s no talk of Texas passing such a law, states like Utah, Illinois, New York, and Arkansas have also looked at a similar legislation.

One of the top issues in the Presidential Election of 2016 will be gay marriage and gay rights. Though it was an issue in the 2012 election, it is expected that not only Democrats will be supporting gay marriage, but Republicans may as well.

This movement has many all across the United States standing up and supporting gay marriage including Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who just recently endorsed same sex marriage. Portman was considered a top potential running mate for Mitt Romney in last year’s election, and his reason for supporting gay marriage is his son, who is gay.

College, for many, is one of the most exciting experiences in life.  High school graduates are itching to get their high school diplomas and start living the college experience.  As it is true at any college, students at Tyler Junior College have learned both the good and bad of campus life.  Here are the top five worst things at TJC from least to greatest, picked by students.


5. English Classes


All students must take both 1301 and 1302 English classes as a course requirement.  Many students mourn taking these classes due to the multiple essays, Shakespeare readings and a final research paper.

Matt Dwyer, taking his general studies, said the English teachers he had were too strict.

“ I had a perfect paper, but was missing a word, and failed it,” Dwyer said.