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In a few days Black Friday will be here and many stores are ready to offer the public all kinds of sales. On the other hand many Americans are planning to spend the night waiting outside


of stores with the goal of purchasing deeply discounted items in anticipation of Christmas. Many of these diehard shoppers don’t even care if their shopping gets in the way of feasting and family time.


According to Cory Howard, a Psychology professor at TJC, students should be aware that when a store throws a deal out there, customers are going to believe whatever the store says.

“Whether you say that you are going to take 10 or 20 percent off for the first 100 people, it’s going to get people lined up,” said Howard. “It’s the ‘foot in the door’ technique. You make a little offer and you hit them with the bigger stuff later, so it gets them in the door with a little offer and once they’re in there, they’re going to spend a lot more.”

This technique works. Students at TJC have experienced or witnessed how they or their friends follow the crowd and have lined up before the stores opened on Black Friday.

Students like Maria Tabares, a nursing major at TJC, have gone to Black Friday sales for years. She has learned the temptations and pitfalls of Black Friday shopping.

“I didn’t always find what I was looking for at Black Friday sales. Sometimes I felt disappointed because there were not enough items,” said Tabares. “I spent more money that I had planned, and I bought stuff that I really didn’t need.”

Stores have different tactics to attract customers especially during the holidays. According to Clint Selman, a Psychology professor at TJC, stores create an illusion of need.

“For example, that computer is $200. I don’t need a computer but how can I do without it? I already have three computers but for that cheap, I might as well get another one,” said Selman. “So stores do that, knowing you’ll go in the store and buy other stuff.”

Every student who was interviewed recognized that they spent more money that they were planning to spend on holiday shopping.

Updated Campus Police Officers Monty Ward and Josh Lowry have been suspended without pay for insubordination after refusing to follow orders