“Tiger King” is a must-watch in quarantine

Tiger King Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Who would’ve thought that the animal safari you took as a kid was ruled by narcissistic, ego-driven, murder hungry, cult-like leaders?

“Tiger King” took Netflix and the internet by storm since the quarantine with its bizarre but true story of a man named Joe Exotic and his large cat zoo. He gets into a rivalry with another zoo run by an animal activist named Carole Baskin. Their rivalry becomes so heated that, as the title says, murder, mayhem and madness ensue.

First off, I must give credit to the people at Netflix who made this documentary. When you watch it for the first time you are constantly switching whose side of the rivalry you’re on. Carole Baskin seems to be nice in person but she’s accusing Joe of extorting his animals when she’s doing the exact same thing. Joe has a right to be threatened and have a hatred for her, but the problem is he takes it way too far to the point you can’t justify his reasoning for any of his actions.

A lot of people in the online world have been calling Carole Baskin the evilest woman alive. While I think there is no denying she was involved in some shady business, Joe and the other Zoo leaders are just as cruel and awful as her.

The worst feeling I get from watching this show is the realization that the tigers are hurt no matter what happens to them. If they stay in captivity, their population will increase but they will be mistreated and abused. If they get released back into the wild then they will be hunted to extinction. It’s a lose/lose situation. 

When watching this I realized this was a fall from grace story. It’s about a person starting out young and full of optimism for the future only to be brought down by his ego and quest for power. It’s a classic tale only it actually happened. 

If someone doesn’t want to watch this due to the display of animal abuse, I wouldn’t recommend this at all. But for everyone else, I would highly recommend watching it. It’s a… “unique” world the documentary explores. It is the perfect definition of what a “train wreck” is.


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