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Despite COVID-19, Phi Theta Kappa serves the community through academic fellowship and programs.  Uniting a community of students who wish to achieve academic excellence is the heart of Phi Theta Kappa, according to Gigi Delk, PTK adviser.  “Often, I see people who are trying to be on

Platforms may damage students’ mental health By Brianna MurphyStaff Writer Graphic by Mary Mone Buzz, buzz — instant gratification! Why are students so attached to social media?Social media can help students connect, but too much social media usage can damage one’s mental health. According to Les Glover, LPC

By Brianna Murphy Contributing Writer Photos by Victoria Deal As the pandemic has affected both students and teachers, adapting to change is the key to success. At  Tyler Junior College, COVID-19 policies have been a central focus. While the classrooms continue to change, the culinary world and thus TJC’s Culinary