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The 2020 Presidential Election trudges ever closer. With early voting underway and the Nov. 3 primary election date nearing, it’s vital to be informed of our two leading candidates’ platforms.  President Donald Trump has chosen to double down on his “America First” campaign from four years

It’s a tough time to be a first-time voter right now. Campaign billboards, commercials, lawn signs and other people’s political opinions can feel like a wave one must break through to get to the democratic promise land of the voting booth. Even then, what do

By Chris CrymesStaff Writer Photo courtesy of RKO Pictures “Citizen Kane” - the name itself brings up your stuffy friend or relative who is too into the movies of yesteryear. While these fans of the films of yesteryear like movies, the thought of a new release bring

By Chris Crymes Staff Writer Graphic by Michael Bald After 30 years, the original anime masterwork, “Akira,” has made its triumphant return to theatres with an all new 4K remaster. I’ll admit I was already looking forward to the opportunity to see this film in theatres, but by

By Chris Crymes Staff Writer Photos courtesy of Collider and Vulture While theatre releases like “Wonder Woman 1984” might be pushed back further to next year, the state of the world won’t stop Charlie Kaufman from showing off his nigh-perfected skills of focused melancholia with “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” 

By Chris Crymes  Staff Writer It’s easy to get lost in the flood of streaming movie releases, especially now that most media has shifted online. Netflix is one of the main proponents of this media shift, throwing out surprisingly quality releases seemingly at random. The latest release,

 Featured photo courtesy of TheVerge.com Has the COVID state of entertainment left you wanting? Are you tired of the small-scale reality shows like “90 Day Fiancé” and wish for the return of the action blockbuster? Well, Christopher Nolan has ushered theaters back open with his action

 With the 2020 presidential election approaching, advertisements for campaigns are inescapable. Any voter will be hit with a barrage of ads by all candidates, but said voter isn’t readily given information on how to vote.  “Many students here on campus have never even voted before because