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Apache Archives is a recurring historical article featuring a timeline of anniversary events for a week. There will be a weekly spotlight interviewing TJC faculty and students on the impact of a highlighted historical event. By Madison Heiser On Feb. 5, 1870, the first motion picture was

By Bailey Saulters At some point during all Tyler Junior College students’ academic careers, they will need to write an essay or a research paper. They might need to write multiple papers at one time for different classes. For many individuals it can be an exhausting

Last night with Derrick Rose missing his fourth straight game, the bulls would look to Jimmy Butler to secure a win on the road against the Toronto Raptors. In the first half Jimmy was no where to be seen, he was shooting horrible, had turnovers, and

TJC students answer questions about the upcoming election.

TJC Students discuss the importance of having a free speech area on campus.

TJC Students Share Their Favorite Music Styles and Artists

TJC Students discuss the pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana in Texas. https://youtu.be/Pd4r_ktXuT0