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Courtesy: Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts  While the “Star Wars” saga is currently in full swing promoting a battle between the New Order and the remnants of the rebellion, Respawn Entertainment is focusing on a more interesting point of the “Star Wars” timeline.  The upcoming video game

 On Oct. 21 a window in the Apache Spirit Room at the Rogers Student Center was shot at with a BB gun.  After investigation, police said a suspect was tentatively identified by nickname on Oct. 24, with his full identity confirmed on Oct. 29.  The investigation revealed

 How TJC became known as the Apaches   While in attendance at a TJC sporting event, it becomes strangely apparent that the school lacks a mascot. Why is that? The answer to that question has been the topic of debate ever since Tyler Junior College established itself

 President Donald Trump has made an executive choice to withdraw U.S. troops out of Syria. As a person who has always questioned wars in the Middle East, I could not be happier.  I was reading a Reuters article in which soldiers criticized Trump’s Syria retreat stating

 The Apache Band is an integral part to retaining traditions during the school’s homecoming week celebrations, such as the parade and a halftime show during the homecoming football game. “I have never been in a band like this where there is this much excitement about homecoming,”

 Members of the International Game Developers Association witnessed a person shatter a window pane in the Apache Spirit Room at the Rogers Student Center at approximately 6:31 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21. At the time, no one knew whether the impact was caused by a rock,

 “Gemini Man” is Will Smith’s latest film debut, and it has already reported a $75 million loss.  Now when a film busts as it did for Smith, one can look for faults within the film, but one must also consider alternatives.  To start, “Gemini Man” repeated a

Cecilia KohlManaging Editor UPDATE: According to Judge James Meredith, Precinct 3, the autopsy revealed the cause of death being cardiomegaly - abnormal enlargement of the heart. No new updates to the death that occurred in TJC dorms and no foul play is suspected, according to Justice