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Taylor TallantStaff Writer I am thankful for the breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions in the cafeteria; however, I enjoy creating my own meal plan with the resources provided.More than anything, college has taught me to be creative. Living in the dorms, I have learned to make

Taylor Tallant Staff Writer Instead of settling for the cheap college kid diet, I am challenged by what I can cook in my dorm room that is both nutritious and affordable. I have to admit it, I have the biggest sweet tooth. My favorite dessert is anything with

Taylor Tallant Staff Writer Striving to eat healthier, I am challenged by what I can cook with only a microwave and a toaster. Living on a college budget does not make it any easier. A bag of ramen noodles costs 40 cents versus a bundle of bananas that

Freshman year is very exciting. A few things I had to learn the hard way: you have to purchase your own Scantrons, pay extra attention to the parking lot signs, and not buy full-price textbooks. Oh, and watch out for the freshman 15. Disguised in