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Campus recycling efforts rely on volunteerism to flourish Featured graphic by Molly Swisher According to recent data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated 267.8 million tons of trash in 2017, of  which 139.6 million tons ended up in  landfills. More than 38% of this waste  consisted of

Interview and photo by Bailey Saulters Q: What is it that you do at TJC?A: I do a lot of things. My main responsibility is to teach English;Composition I, Composition II, World Lit. I’m the editor of the Bell Tower Arts Journal. I’m the faculty senate

Interview and photo by Bernice Trieu Q: Have you been a student at TJC before, and if you were, what was your major?A: Yes, I’ve been a student at TJC before, and I was a music major. Q: What does the TJC Earth and Science Center provide?A:

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 By Alanah Woodward, Mary Mone, and Sorayda Rivera From the beginning of the fall semester until Monday, Sept. 7, there have been 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Tyler Junior College campus, compared to nine cases during the first two weeks after case reporting began in

Image courtesy of Unsplash Correction: One crossword clue was missing from the printed puzzle. Clue for 61 Across: "Encore!"

Mardi Gras, also referred to as Fat Tuesday, is a carnival-like celebration that marks the start of Christian Lent leading up to Easter. Many Christians during this time will fast in honor of the time. Fat Tuesday is when they stop fasting and eat rich