A phone call made to the Smith County Annex building around 1 p.m. today caused the Smith County courthouse, the annex building and Regions Bank building to be evacuated and the downtown square to be cleared within 300-foot radius of the building. In a statement given to the media, Public Information Officer Don Martin stated, “We were notified through Tyler PD and TFD we responded to the call as well. So again we take these threats serious until we can prove otherwise.” After a search of the building and surrounding areas county employees have been allowed back into the building one at a time and the building is being open floor by floor.


  1. My goodness. I think we definitely need to raise the bar when it comes to punishment. If there were more sever punishment then the crime rate would drop. I guess this doesn’t help with bombings because they are ready to die anyways but surely its not the first crime they committed.


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