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 Featured photo by Madison Heiser As Americans’ party affiliations and ideologies become increasingly polarized as the next presidential election approaches, voting (specifically among younger citizens) has become even more essential to preserve the functionality of the U.S.’ political system.  According to a June 2020 study by the

Photos by Jessica King  Every organization on campus is having to adapt to a new way of interacting this semester, and Overflow is no exception. Overflow is a college ministry organization that is a combination of two churches, Friendly Baptist Church and Central Tyler, who hold

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The TJC Band putting on a terrific show. [metaslider id=2856028]


TJC Students discuss the importance of having a free speech area on campus.

TJC Students Share Their Favorite Music Styles and Artists

TJC Students discuss the pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana in Texas. https://youtu.be/Pd4r_ktXuT0