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Graphic by Michael Bald  The “New Mutants,” or The Little Engine that Couldn’t, is the new film from the X-Men universe that’s been delayed for three years due to behind-the-scenes drama and production nightmares. Now that it’s out, it’s safe to say this project should’ve been

 Featured photo courtesy of TheVerge.com Has the COVID state of entertainment left you wanting? Are you tired of the small-scale reality shows like “90 Day Fiancé” and wish for the return of the action blockbuster? Well, Christopher Nolan has ushered theaters back open with his action

 Featured graphic by Mary Mone With the pandemic having a mass effect on the entertainment industry, many studios and projects had to shut down or delay releases. However, studios are now starting to come back with long-awaited projects fans have been anticipating. The past couple weeks,

 Graphic by Michael Bald The streaming service industry has been booming since the start of the pandemic. It has given new services a chance in the spotlight, some offering original movies and TV shows.  NBC’s Peacock is one of the new streaming services that launched on April

 TJC Theatre adapts to COVID-19 Photos by Jessica King Tyler Junior College’s performing arts programs, like all programs and classes, are having to think outside the box. According to TJC’s COVID-19 Fall 2020 Plan, all students and faculty will need to wear a face covering to all

Who would’ve thought that the animal safari you took as a kid was ruled by narcissistic, ego-driven, murder hungry, cult-like leaders? “Tiger King” took Netflix and the internet by storm since the quarantine with its bizarre but true story of a man named Joe Exotic and

With students held in self-quarantine, many are left to entertain themselves with the things available in their households. Since the invention of streaming services, however, it has made it a lot easier for individuals to pass the time in the off-times of their day. Netflix,

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many companies and people across the world have been affected. The entertainment industry in particular has taken a massive hit, from movies and music to celebrities. Movies in particular have had some major setbacks. Since movies in theaters have had a decrease in