I stay up late, and I wake up late. I don't always get out of my PJs. And honestly, I am not making the best snack food choices. But I don't just want to talk about the things I'm doing wrong because instead I need

I am so thankful to still be able to write and put out content even in this time of adapting to quarantine. I know this situation looks scary and hopeless, but nevertheless, I still believe God is moving in the midst of our fear and

It is said the Greeks are known for their history, sprawling olive groves and, coincidentally, their tragedies.  I recently traveled with other Tyler Junior College students and members of the community to Greece for spring break. This trip was the most life-changing experience of my life;

According to heavy.com, across the world churches, synagogues and mosques have been closing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  When you hear churches are closing around us and even in our community what do you think? I believe they are doing these things to prevent the spread of the virus

Being a student and a parent has put me in an interesting position as the Coronavirus spreads. With non-stop hand washing and constant reminds of “Don’t touch your face,” I have had to come up with ideas of what to do with spring break 2.0. There

I remember when I first heard of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Everyone seemed to not be making a big deal about it and most just laughed it off. In the back of my head, I was trying not to worry about it myself. In my personal life, I