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Quest Student Success Center enriches student learning


Tyler Junior College started the new Quest Student Success Center to enrich students learning as well as their lives.

"What we see in our classes is an approach to reading that is one sided; which is very mechanical memorization," said Quest Director Wade Skinner.

Access to the center, which is located on the bottom floor of the Vaughn library, is available to any student who wants to become more efficient when studying and reading. 

"When we say we are helping students to read, we are not saying that we help students who are deficient. Far from it," said Quest tutor Liliane Defant. "We are giving many ways to help the student approach reading more effectively and more productively." 

Study habits will improve and reading comprehension will give students an edge in any class.

There are also eight classes that are considered Quest Gateway Courses that use the center as part of their curriculum. Students who enrolled in these classes were unaware that they were Quest Gateway Courses such as biology, math, english, sociology, and history.

"This is not something we are tacking on the syllabus or to their requirements of the course, it's something that is integrated the very fabric of the curriculum," said Skinner.

TJC is using this program to keep students from just memorizing information to making any topic from math to history "part" of the student. This allows the students to make the most of their education and ask the right questions. Students who don't have a healthy perspective on the time spent in school have a lower success rate than the students who look at school as a way to make themselves better human beings.

"If you don't take the right questions with you down in your educational career then you will not know when your perspective on education has become toxic," said Skinner.

The goal of the center is not only to help students read better but also to enrich study habits, quality of education, and even their lives.

"Any student can come in and get tutoring and reading comprehension, but most just don't know we are here," said Quest tutor Ashlie Contos.

The center was opened in January 2012 as a part of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which promotes learning through reading comprehension. It includes a tutoring lab and classroom for workshops.

The labs are open to any students on a walk-in basis or by appointment. The students can get tutoring online via a chat room through the TJC website as well.

The schedule of the workshops is available on the TJC website and any workshop can be watched online at anytime if the students is unavailable to attend the workshop on campus.

For more information regarding the Quest Student Success Center or to register for tutoring or a workshop visit or visit the center.