Where are you from? "I am from Nigeria" Have you ever been to the United States before? "Yes, when I was eight and when I was 13. I came here to see my dad. They live back in Nigeria, I am here by myself." What

Maya Gayler Managing Editor Why did you choose TJC? I had cousins that came here years before I did, and they recommended it to me. Did you come here directly from your country? I came here straight from Kenya. I came January 9 through Dallas, and my cousins brought

Photo by Anna Grace Drewett Anna Grace Drewett Staff Writer What is your name? Jeannie Lafferty What led to you begin teaching Environmental Biology? I majored in agriculture at college, but they needed someone to teach Environmental Biology, so I moved over from agriculture to teach this class. Where did you go to college?

Maya Gayler Managing Editor Why did you choose TJC? A friend found it, and my parents decided that this was a very good option for them to finance. And I thought it was going to be cool. What did your family say about you

 Adam Palacios Staff Writer  Q. How long have you been teaching at TJC?  A: This is my 27th year at TJC.  Q: What is one interesting fact about yourself?  A: I have been married for 50 years to the same wonderful man.  Q: What inspires you to teach?  A: I like to

Hannah Horton Editor-in-Chief Q:What classes do you teach? A: I teach writing, literature, and creative writing. Q: Were there creative writing classes available at TJC before you started teaching them? A: There was a creative writing class offered in the past, but it hadn’t been taught for a few years. I remember

Hannah Horton, Editor-in-Chief Q: What is your job here at TJC, and what do you do in that job? A: “Well, I’ve had a couple of them! I’ve been a Programming Instructor at TJC for a long time, so I’ve taught different types of programming languages. When

Hannah Horton, Editor-in-Chief Many students forget that school exists during the summer, but the Facilities and Construction staff’s work on campus never ends. Over the summer, they have been working relentlessly to ensure that TJC will be in top-notch condition for the school year. According to Mark