Q: Patrick, you are the President of Student Senate, how has that experience been for you? A: It's been great, it's been better than I thought it would be. It's definitely been very busy, which I actually enjoy. It's has been a lot of stress, and

Bianca Fullylove Staff Writer "I only started last year putting some up there in stores. It was always my mom and dad would sell it. They sold grapes, too." As a water-filled Dutch oven with lidless pint Mason jars simmer, Gordon Reynolds, spouse to Jenelle Reynolds, a TJC

Bianca Fullylove Staff Writer "I'm going to school. Just as happy. Jumping up telling the whole world I'm going to school. I'm 81 years old. I'm still alive. I thought I was going to be out of this world, but I'm here for a reason," said freshman

Rob King Staff Writer Classic rock records rested on the backs of shelves and psychedelic art illuminated the wall spaces not occupied by clothes. The clothes themselves could have fallen out of a time machine from the ‘70s or a music video from the ‘80s, perhaps both.

Marshall Cearfoss Managing Editor Huddling around a small campfire in North Dakota while using a fruitcake as poker currency was not how Sociology Professor Ryan Button planned on spending his Thanksgiving two days prior. After a phone call with a friend from the Makah Indian Reservation about

Haley Schukei Staff Writer TJC graduate, Mitch Andrews, attributes much of his success to Tyler Junior College. In the fourteen years since his return, he has worked to repay the favor as one of the architects of the colleges’ future. “To come here and see so many new

By Ariel Thomas Staff Writer A plastic tub overflowing with neon-colored, plastic eggs waits to make its grand entrance. “It’s an Easter celebration,” said Aukse Harris, the Residential Life and Housing assistant director, “when I started thinking about this program, my idea was to create a safe and

By Marshall Cearfoss Online Editor Supplying Tyler with live music, classic movies, live comedy and theatre, Liberty Hall is becoming the center of entertainment in downtown Tyler. “It’s good for a family. It’s good for a couple on a date night. It’s good for people who do really