An Interview with Bob Schieffer

New 911 system is coming to TJC

Anna Graves News Editor TJC police officers are anticipating the arrival of a news 911 system that will be installed on campus at the end of...

New director to lead BSM

Video: Interview with an LGBTQ activist who attended the TJC Board of Trustees meeting

Video by Rob King

Video: Public comments at the TJC board meeting regarding the transgender restroom issue

Video by Rob King Note: Due to a battery failure, a few of the public comments were not recorded.

POW WOW TV Episode 5

Freedom of Speech on Campus

TJC Students discuss the importance of having a free speech area on campus.

Music on Campus

TJC Students Share Their Favorite Music Styles and Artists

Should Marijuana be Legal in Texas?

TJC Students discuss the pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana in Texas.

POW WOW TV Episode 1 Season 2

Who is TJC: Dean Hill along with POW WOW TV will be introducing a new series called "Who is TJC?" The series will focus on administrators and professors...

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