TJC came together for Recycling Collection Pickup Day on Nov. 5. On days like today, students, faculty and staff can come together to do their part in an attempt for a better tomorrow. Student organizations like the Dental Studies Student Organization are doing their part

On April 23rd TJC held a student film contest on campus. Out of the twenty seven participants, fifteen of the best films were chosen to be presented at the festival. The total run time for all fifteen short films lasted about forty-five minutes. At the end, Anna Graves Digital Content Manager Tuesday evening, April 24th, TJC held a "Light the Night" sexual assault awareness event. The meeting was organized for students and faculty of TJC to be aware of sexual assault and how they can prevent it from happening. To the participants' surprise,

Ricardo Mejicano Broadcast Director Making her main stage directorial debut during the regular semester, Professor Amy Dawson brings us Circle Mirror Transformation. Marty, James, Schultz, Lauren, and Teresa all differ in age and lifestyle, but they all come together to try and face the challenges that each

Anna Graves News Editor TJC police officers are anticipating the arrival of a news 911 system that will be installed on campus at the end of this month of October 2017. Before, when students made a phone call to 911 from TJC, their call was directed to