Cecilia Kohl, Staff Writer TJC band department does more then just perform at games. They prepare for concerts that are held throughout the semester, including the upcoming Kids' Halloween Concert. Walking into the band department at the Wagstaff Gym, it is obvious that there is a lot

The TJC Band putting on a terrific show. [metaslider id=2856028]

Jeremy Strickland, currently assistant director of bands at Texas Christian University, has been selected as director of bands for Tyler Junior College, TJC officials have announced. Strickland will begin his duties at TJC on June 1. He will lead the TJC band program, which consists

It is gloomy outside, across many parts of East Texas. The sky sings with despair, the cries of rain and thunder, while the clouds float by suspended like feathers in grey evening sky. And yet, music still chimes from the inside of Green Acres Bowl. “It