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Tyler, TX
Saturday, June 23, 2018

Apache women’s soccer find first player and head coach

Tyler Junior College scored big with the formation of the school's first ever women's soccer team. It was a little over two weeks ago when TJC announced the latest addition of its 11th intercollegiate sport, and just this past week the newly arranged team signed its first player Whitehouse Sweeper Kayla Mason.

Gardens make school a walk in the park

As sophomore Sarah Griffin walks across campus to her classes, she admires the gardens and greenery; however, after taking in the surroundings, she realizes there seems to be something missing.

Tennis Tech

Tennis professionals are required to do more than teaching these days. TJC offers a program that teaches all aspects of being a tennis professional.

…from the cheap seats

As the Olympics loom in the near future, China has drawn the eyes of the world to their treatment of the people of Tibet.