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Sunday, July 22, 2018

TRiO helps TJC students in need

There is a program on campus designed for students who may not have the advantages others have to help them climb the ladder to success. The program is called TRiO.

Campus News Briefs

What else is going on at TJC?

TJC offers travel study options

This spring, students at Tyler Junior College will have the chance to sign up for two school-sponsored trips that offer students an educational, yet fun ways to get away from it all. The first of the two trips is to West Turkey, and it takes place over Spring Break.

Recreation Center serves up fun

Although achieving success as a college student requires that one sacrifice much of their time when not in class to countless hours of studying in preparation for impending exams, campus life also offers the opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends as well as some great memories along the way.