Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Schedule changes for Apache Baseball

Two schedule changes have been announced by the TJC baseball team.

TJC signs degree agreement

TJC President Dr. Michael Metke and SFASU President Dr. Baker Pattillo signed the "2+2 Articulation Agreement" Monday on the TJC Campus.

Apache sophomores say goodbye

Pierce, Garnett, and Allen are considered "The Big Three" in the NBA, but when it comes to TJC's women's basketball team it's Spears, Murphy, and Shavers. Yoshica Spears, April Murphy, and Chasity Shavers are three sophomores who have performed well in the past two seasons they've been at TJC, receiving scholarships to play right out of high school and will be leaving this fall to go play for a four- year university.

Faces of TJC

She walks around campus in her pencil skirt, white top, designer frames and heels on. Every strut in her step would seem to be classier and more powerful than the last. Her aura would speak before her mouth would, suggesting that she was no ordinary student.