Thursday, April 18, 2019

But Seriously…

As I wrestled my third Diet Coke of the day from the unyielding machine lurking in the recesses of Potter Hall, I had a thought. The powers-that-be should consider replacing, or at least supplementing, TJC's army of 20 ounce bottle Coke machines with 12 ounce can machines.

TJC golf teams ready for action

TJC's men's and women's golf teams are ready to take a swing at the second half of their seasons by picking up where they left off in the fall semester. In the fall, both men and women were first place three times out of the five times they played. They are led by TJC alum and head coach, Sandy Terry.

TRiO helps TJC students in need

There is a program on campus designed for students who may not have the advantages others have to help them climb the ladder to success. The program is called TRiO.

Campus News Briefs

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