By Chris Crymes Page Editor Photo by Chris Swann [mkdf_dropcaps type="normal" color="Black " background_color="White"]A[/mkdf_dropcaps]fter weeks of constant coverage, ballot counts and hand recounts, it seems safe to say the U.S. president-elect is former Vice President Joe Biden. This election was one of the most hotly debated and closely eyed

By Emily Niebuhr Student Life Editor [mkdf_dropcaps type="square" color="Black" background_color="White"]I[/mkdf_dropcaps] think we can agree 2020 has not been what we expected. Between the coronavirus, celebrity deaths, police brutality and global weather crises, everyone is eager to be done with this year. We have lost many lives because of

By Andrea Valdez Broadcast News Director Photo by Chris Swann [mkdf_dropcaps type="square" color="Black" background_color="White"]C[/mkdf_dropcaps]OVID-19 has turned into what many are calling the “new normal.” This new normal has brought precautions like temperature checks, designated social distancing spaces, online meetings, mask mandates and more. In-person events have either been

By Sorayda Rivera  Student Life Editor It’s astonishing to believe how this year is almost over. 2020 for most has seemed like a never-ending nightmare. The good news is we are just weeks away from saying goodbye to all of the torment and craziness this year has

By Madison Heiser Editor-in-Chief Graphic by Molly Swisher I am uninsured. A few weeks ago, on a Friday night after the school clinic closed for the weekend, I faced an unprecedented medical issue that couldn’t wait to be addressed. I called my friend to take me to the

There is a scene in the movie “Selena” where Selena Quintanilla and her father Abraham discuss potentially doing an interview in Mexico. While Selena is excited to do the interview, her father is not as excited that she will be doing the interview in Spanish.

For a lot of students who go to junior college, their decision to attend was initially met with questions as to why or concerns of if they would be getting a valid education. I think there are many misconceptions of junior college that no one

By Emily NiebuhrStudent Life Editor Photo courtesy of theguardian.com California has a place in my heart with their culture and people. Anytime I can go there to see family, it is special, and I cherish those moments.However, when I hear about the wildfires that have been raging