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Interview and photo by Bailey Saulters Q: What is it that you do at TJC?A: I do a lot of things. My main responsibility is to teach English;Composition I, Composition II, World Lit. I’m the editor of the Bell Tower Arts Journal. I’m the faculty senate

Interview and photo by Sorayda Rivera Q: What is your major?A: I am a psychology major. Q: What made you decide to enroll at TJC?A: I wanted to help more veterans dealing with issues like most of us do. It got hard to see all the issues

Interview and photo by Bernice Trieu Q: Have you been a student at TJC before, and if you were, what was your major?A: Yes, I’ve been a student at TJC before, and I was a music major. Q: What does the TJC Earth and Science Center provide?A:

 Q: How long have you been in cheerleading?  A: I wanted to cheer throughout high school, but started dancing instead for a couple of years. Then my studio and the cheer coach at my high school pushed me to cheer. So, then I started practicing at

Robert NaylorEditor-in-Chief In issue 3 of our paper, we incorrectly named our Student Senate Executive President. While we printed "Brooks W. Milton," our president's last name is actually "Melton." Additionally, in responding to the question: Can you tell us what the student senate represents, and what your

Viviana FazSocial Media Editor Alex Mejia - Freshman President What is your goal with this new position? My goal is to help students and to be the voice for the students here at TJC. I care for 12,000 students and want to make an impact this year, and that all

Q: How long have you been with TJC and what is your position? A: This is my ninth year here and I am the Director of student life. Q: What do you do and what programs do you offer students? A: I am over

Where are you from? "I am from Nigeria" Have you ever been to the United States before? "Yes, when I was eight and when I was 13. I came here to see my dad. They live back in Nigeria, I am here by myself." What