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Looking to volunteer and help out the planet? Volunteers from Tyler and surrounding towns showed up at Faulkner Park in Tyler and planted more than 20 trees on Jan. 25. Coming up on Feb. 8, an Arbor Day event will be hosted at TJC North

Staff WriterKathryn Bogle This is your first day on campus and you’ve been running around in the heat, trying to find your classes and figure out what to do. Maybe you picked up this newspaper as a last resort, and with sweat running into your eyes,

Taylor TallantStaff Writer I am thankful for the breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions in the cafeteria; however, I enjoy creating my own meal plan with the resources provided.More than anything, college has taught me to be creative. Living in the dorms, I have learned to make

A hush fell over the crowd as the lights dimmed in the auditorium. Spotlights searched the stage as Apache Belles emerged from the entrance doors and danced their way down the aisle. The crowd cheered as the Belles danced to an upbeat song. They were dressed in a white

Taylor Tallant Staff Writer Instead of settling for the cheap college kid diet, I am challenged by what I can cook in my dorm room that is both nutritious and affordable. I have to admit it, I have the biggest sweet tooth. My favorite dessert is anything with

Hannah Horton Editor-in-Chief TJC will be hosting the fourth annual Health and Wellness Expo this month. According to Lauren Tyler, Director of Student Life, the event aims to help students and community members to live healthier lives and learn more about vendors in the Tyler area. “College students sometimes become a

Maya Gayler Managing Editor Why did you choose TJC? A friend found it, and my parents decided that this was a very good option for them to finance. And I thought it was going to be cool. What did your family say about you

Q: What is your name? A: Joseph Watts, and I am a student here at TJC. Q: What is your major? A: I am studying to be a Networking and Systems Administrationor in IT. Q: Why did you choose that field? A:I have always had an fascination with computers