Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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You’re a good man, Charlie Brown

Step back into the comedic fun of your childhood with iconic character Charlie Brown at TJC’s theater, starting Feb. 25. What began as a...

Scenes & Revelations: First Impressions

Quiet anticipation filled Jean Browne Theatre before the performance of “Scenes and Revelations”, a second stage production. The lights dimmed and the anticipation turned...

It’s Elektra-fying!

"Elektra" is a new play that presents a new twist on the very old story of the fall of Agamemnon. After returning from...

Descent to Darkness: Lord of the Flies at Tyler Civic Theatre Center

During rehearsal for “Lord of the Flies”, the audience at Tyler Civic Theatre Center sat in darkness.

The Mystery of Irma Vep Review

Two men, eight characters, dozens of rapid costume changes and a whole lot of improv. The Actor’s Preparatory Exchange took to the big stage...

Behind the Curtain: A Musical

Dramatic and musical theater have captivated audiences for centuries. While most of the acclaim comes from the magic that takes place on the stage, without the men and women behind the scenes, nothing would be possible.

The Actors Preparatory Exchange Aims to Misbehave

The Actor’s Preparatory Exchange is pushing Tyler’s theatre scene into areas that other productions companies wouldn’t have dared to delve into just a few...

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