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 Featured photo by Madison Heiser As Americans’ party affiliations and ideologies become increasingly polarized as the next presidential election approaches, voting (specifically among younger citizens) has become even more essential to preserve the functionality of the U.S.’ political system.  According to a June 2020 study by the

Photos by Jessica King  Every organization on campus is having to adapt to a new way of interacting this semester, and Overflow is no exception. Overflow is a college ministry organization that is a combination of two churches, Friendly Baptist Church and Central Tyler, who hold

Robert NaylorNews Editor             College debt is one of the greatest deterrents for the average college student, averaging at roughly $37,172, according to debt.org.             When faced with this reality, the college admission scandal that has recently been exposed reveals that there is a double standard to how individuals approach higher education.


PRESS RELEASE: October 5, 2017 TJC Campus Police are conducting an investigation regarding an incident of sexual assault that was reported yesterday. The incident took place on or around 09/28/2017 and occurred in a TJC residence hall. At this time, the investigation is continuing but TJC is requesting all female

BRIANNA HARMON Sports Editor Students say gun shots were fired at a unofficial block party held by students outside of Crossroads Hall last night, September 18th, 2017, around 10:30 p.m. Staff Writer Isaiah Thornton and Crossroads resident states that he heard one gunshot then proceeded to take off

Brianna Harmon Sports Editor The Tyler Junior College Police are investigating an indecent exposure incident that happened around 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The incident happened in the F-8 faculty parking lot outside of Ornelas Health and Physical Education Center. The police report states that three females were sitting in

By Favian Quezada Web Editor After sexual assault questions arise such as, who do you turn to and where can a person get help, the recommended first step for anyone who is sexually assaulted is to get to a hospital. Britany Monahan, sexual assault coordinator for the East