In the spring of 2014, a Tyler Junior College applicant at the time, realized the college had suffered a data leak when she could see the background check forms of several other students through her online housing application.

By Taira EdneySenior Staff Writer Pop, pop, pop the noise of the plastic Easter eggs being popped open by students putting candy inside of them. The artificial smell of strawberry, green apple, and cherry candy filled the room, with students carrying on conversations with their

Update 10/21/2013: MyTJCNews.com has obtained the following video from CBS19 and the Tyler Junior College Police Department. The middle of the video cuts to surveillance footage from a camera mounted on the Pirtle Technology Center.

An altercation took place in front of the Pirtle Technology Building. The quarrel began when a religious picketer accused a student of stealing his camcorder. The two engaged in a shoving match before they were pulled apart.