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 The “New Mutants,” or The Little Engine that Couldn’t, is the new film from the X-Men universe that’s been delayed for three years due to behind-the-scenes drama and production nightmares. Now that it’s out, it’s safe to say this project should’ve been left on the shelf.

The film, while bad, was never painful to sit through. The small-scale story of teenagers stuck in a laboratory was much better than some giant, over-the-top, end-of-the-world scenario that plagues many mainstream comic book movies these days. So, in that sense, the movie feels somewhat original in its premise. However, it is just that: a cool idea. Without the execution, you have a boring and predictable entity of a film.

The performances, while portrayed by insanely great talent, fell short by a mile. The main character portrayed by Blu Hunt was serviceable, but some of her delivery was cringe-inducing or hilariously bad. Anya Taylor-Joy, who is usually critically acclaimed for her performances in films like “The Witch” and “Split,” seemed off with a Russian accent that faded in and out during scenes.

Maisie Williams, most famous for her portrayal of Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones,” wasn’t too bad in the film. Her performance stood out from the rest, but even her character was never fleshed out past her one character trait, which was the shy and polite stereotype. 

Another big issue with the film was its inability to keep a consistent tone. From the marketing and trailers, it appeared to be a small-scale psychological thriller. However, the film never had a suspenseful moment in it. Any moment of possible fright was abolished by bad visual effects. 

It’s a serviceable enough film, but nothing is memorable or engaging. If you are eagerly awaiting new releases, I would recommend waiting a bit longer for something better


  1. Well put, I felt like this film last its hype 3 years ago. They waited way to long and at this point, I don’t think people care too much about it. So its sad that it fell short.

  2. I’ve been interested in how different the X-men movies would be now that the Logan movies and the other X-men timelines were over. Now that I know that the reset hasnt been done very well, I think it’s best I wait for the MCU revamp into the X-men, whenever that might be.

  3. It was a good 7/10. Yes it was predictable but I went in with medium high expectations and left out mostly satisfied.

  4. I haven’t watched the movie because I haven’t had a chance but I still want to. This makes me think the movie was bad but I won’t judge it until I see it.


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