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Students better community by planting trees at TJC North Campus

TJC recently held an Arbor Day event at its North Campus in order...

Apache baseball ready to start the new year

By Yasmeli Alonso The Apache baseball team is ready to set it off this season. Placing second in the pre-season ranking is...

This week in history Feb. 14 – 20

By Madison Heiser Apache Archives is a recurring historical article featuring a timeline of anniversary events for a week. There will be...


Apache women’s soccer find first player and head coach

Tyler Junior College scored big with the formation of the school's first ever women's soccer team. It was a little over two weeks ago when TJC announced the latest addition of its 11th intercollegiate sport, and just this past week the newly arranged team signed its first player Whitehouse Sweeper Kayla Mason.



Computer club offers hands on experience

Students who would like to have hands on experience with the computer gaming and programming industry, are invited to join the ACM club at TJC. ACM, Association for Computing Machinery, is a national organization that promotes interest and use of computers for not only school, but also work and play.


Texting while driving

The average number of text messages sent per month is 790 by 18- to 24-year-olds. According to recent studies by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers who text are 23 times more likely to get into an automobile accident than those who focus on driving without use of a phone.

Student Life Fee finds its way onto campus

The list of things that set Tyler Junior College apart from other Junior Colleges and even some four-year universities is fairly extensive. Right up at the top of that list is the newly created Student Life Fee that each student paid this year.

TJC Students share their thoughts on Donald Trump

Video by Rob King

A headline? Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow

By Alexis Long Student Life Editor Oh, procrastination. Boy, do we go back or what? Even with a full night’s rest, I still couldn’t get ahead on my...

Vehicle burglars strike on campus

On Sept. 23, eight reports of automobile burglaries on and around the TJC campus were reported to Campus Safety.







BEST Smartphones

Women’s soccer begins the season undefeated

Brianna Harmon Sports Editor The Apache football team prepares to take the field for the first time after falling to Kilgore 58-51 in the playoffs last season....



Video: Interview with an LGBTQ activist who attended the TJC Board...

Video by Rob King



Students weren’t informed about shooting on campus

By Julia Contarelli Editor-in-Chief Campus officials did not inform students about a shooting on Campus on Monday, Sept. 12, a possible violation of the Clery Act. According...

School announces dean for TJC North

Barbara Arroio Web Editor Dr. Cliff Boucher has been named as interim dean for TJC North, Tyler Junior College’s newest facility, which opens this spring. “I’m impressed...

My Two Cents Day

Afraid of bad weather? There’s a plan for that

By Shannon ParisStaff WriterWith the Spring semester in full swing, making sure students are educated and prepared for inclement weather and campus emergency procedures...

Parents Get Insight Into Student Life For Two Days

In 2006 Parents Weekend was created for TJC students and parents to come together and play games, enjoy extra curricular activities, and create a fellowship with one another. "We planned the [Parents] Weekend to show parents the vibrant student life, history and traditions of TJC," Jonathan Pollard, assistant director of the Center for Student Life Involvement, said.

New issue of Bell Tower released

The 2008 edition of the Bell Tower has hit TJC newsstands. "It's a joint venture between fine art, graphic art, and English," said Torrey Wylie, graphic arts in¬structor. The Bell Tower is a magazine that is published yearly and is en¬tirely student generated.

Victims of rape leave their crime unreported.

The consequences of unreported sexual assaults among college students are a threat to a campus’ safety. One out of every eight college women are raped,...

East Texas extends helping hand for Haitian victims

East Texas has pulled together to support the people of Haiti when they need it most. Even in tough economic times, local residents and organizations are raising money and volunteering their time. On Jan. 12, a catastrophic earthquake registering a 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale rocked Haiti.

Review: ‘Birds of Prey’ is a good time, not a great one though

 Entertainment Editor Ever wondered what...

Teams work to keep right technique, tempo going

Although the weather hasn't been very golf-friendly over the past month, the TJC men's and women's golf teams enter the spring season with the belief they can take the national championship crowns. The Apaches and Lady Apaches will both be returning with three players from last season's roster along with a freshmen class, which has already made contributions to the team's overall success.

Farewell: Hannah Horton

Every time I start to write this, I can only think of cliches--like how time flies and how it's hard to believe...

South Korea Apache Belles- Day 4

"A performance in front of Seoul City Hall, touring a temple, the view from the North Seoul Tower, the gate of locks and Korean...

Belle Gold Alumni help encourage current Belles

The Apache Belle Gold Alumni constantly give of themselves so current Apache Belles can have the same memorable experience. The Apache Belle Gold is an association of former Belles who support the current Apache Belles in several ways. They have started a Belle newsletter, a parent steak dinner, high school brunch during the Spring Show, recruitment for the team, fundraisers and volunteer work for the Belles.

MyTJCnews and KLTV investigate off-campus housing crime rates.

  By Cory McCoy, Favian Quezada and Brian Rhoads Editor's note: This is an ongoing investigation and will be updated as new evidence presents itself. In...

TJC’s softball team steps up to the plate for its inaugural...

On a chilly, windy, partly cloudy, Friday afternoon, the president of Tyler Junior College, Dr. Mike Metke takes the mound at Schwab Field located...

No-Spoiler Review: The Revenant

By Marshall Cearfoss Online Editor People are losing their minds over this movie, apparently. The reviews (crazed ramblings, more like) about this movie were of the...

MLB: Cubs and Pirates face off in NLDS Wild Card game

Tonight the Chicago Cubs take their talents to Pittsburg to take on the Pirates at PNC Park in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Tonights winner will determine...

Top high school tennis player passes up Division I school to improve game

Apache freshman tennis player Nathan Robinson has a story and a high school career that is abnormal to most. Born and raised in Abilene, Nathan Robinson grew up playing all kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, golf and tennis. At the age of six, Nathan started playing tennis.

Water-vapor: E-cigarettes provide healther alternative for tobacco smokers

  An estimate of 45.3 million people in the United States smoke cigarettes according to the Center for Disease Control. In an article by Max...

QEP:go wild and read!

It’s Elektra-fying!

"Elektra" is a new play that presents a new twist on the very old story of the fall of Agamemnon. After returning from...

Four steps to prepare for a job interview

The responsibility of life after high school, with paying bills and keeping fed, is huge...

50 Years of Bond… James Bond.

It was a brisk fall midnight, as the hum of the coke machine and the...

PAACO brings NFL Play 60 to TJC

Colten Sneed News Editor On Saturday, May 6, Tyler Junior College will be hosting their version of...

Keeping the same Mindset

Tennis season has started and coach Dash Connell has great aspirations for this season. In...

Getting Inked

Being tattooed, or more commonly referred to as "getting inked," is often frowned upon. People sometimes look at tattooing as if it were a separate lifestyle from their own, and many with tattoos have experienced some form of prejudice. "The biggest challenge so far has been getting the City of Tyler to let us be over in this part of town," said Derek Kastning, professional tattoo artist and owner of Derek Kastning Tattoo Company.

Clinton far ahead in Electoral College race: Reuters/Ipsos poll

By Maurice Tamman NEW YORK (Reuters) - Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton maintained her commanding lead in the race to win the Electoral College and claim...

Fox, ’24’ seek ‘Redemption’ with new TV movie prequel

"I know that I promised to take care of you... and protect you... but I'm at a crossroads." Those heartfelt words - and the final image of Federal Agent Jack Bauer standing on a cliff looking towards an ocean sunrise and an uncertain future - were an eerie promise to viewers of the Fox Emmy-winning series "24" that a change within the iconic main character played by Kiefer Sutherland, and the show itself, was coming.

Dance students prepare for DanceFest

TJC’s annual production of DanceFest combines classical ballet, modern dance and years of dance experience.Carolyn Hannah, director of the Academy of Dance, and program...

News In Brief

Important news in small bites

Fall 2008 Presidents List

The President's List, composed of students who complete a minimum of 12 hours of college-level courses with a 4.0 grade-point average, includes 283 students. Students named to the President's List are (alphabetically by hometown)

Why do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow?

"Blaming a late assignment on a dead physicist usually doesn't fly."

Column: Searching for truth: fallacies invade political media

By Madison Heiser We witness censorship in the media, in...

TJC’s latest theatre production takes a stance in reality

Ricardo Mejicano Broadcast Director Making her main stage directorial debut during the regular semester, Professor Amy Dawson...

TJC raises awareness with Light the Night

Sydni Cunningham Online Editor On April 23,...

Students describe life overseas

Congo Tyler Junior College student Michael Okito moved from Congo in order to attend college in America. "Congo is right in the middle of Africa," he said. "It's always hot and we probably get one month of rain." Okito said that Congo is more of a city and it's nothing like what is shown on TV.

TJC student remembered for vibrant smile

BRIANNA HARMON Sports Editor A smile that lit up a room, a goofy personality that could make anyone laugh, a heart that cared for everyone and...

Taking risks

By Cory McCoyAdvertising EditorOpinion ColumnWould you rather live a life full of regrets and what-ifs, or take a chance? Change is scary, outright terrifying...

Giving To The Community

By Devin Mobley Staff Writer Many attempt to give back to the community in various ways, but Michael Strait has found an original way to perform...

Shooting for Greatness

Apache women work to maintain conference lead By Yasmeli Alonso TJC women’s basketball team is currently...

New Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Comes to TJC

It is not uncommon after a severe injury and physical therapy that some people still need help to reclaim their daily lives. Activities that...

Gang Violence

Tuition Increase on Campus

By Favian Quezada Web Editor Students will be paying a little bit more to attend TJC soon, as the TJC Board has voted to increase tuition...

Success is relative

Success. It is a word that means wildly different things depending on who you ask. For some, success is a mountain of cash. Others...

Carter is heading to Lubbock

Rebecca NajeraEditor-in-ChiefTJC quarterback, McLane Carter, signed his four-year NLI (National Letter of Intent) to Texas Tech, the college of his choice, today in Wagstaff...

The Top 5 Albums Everyone Should Own

The music business has changed drastically in the last decade. The rise of internet music downloads has forced artists to tour more and market...

A place to call home

Q&A with Oluwafunmilayo “Funmi” Kehinde

Where are you from? "I am from Nigeria"

New debit card provides students rapid refunds

Tyler Junior College and Higher One have joined forces to give students a choice between swiping a card, waiting in line or expecting a check in the mail for all financial reimbursements.

African native brings new perspective to tennis team

Apache Men's Tennis player Mwalimu Phiri has an accent and a name that most people can't place. "We just call him M. His first name is just too hard to say," Apache Tennis Coach John Peterson said. Phiri was born in Zambia, Africa, where he lived up until 2001.

Spring Break Safety Awareness

The Spring Break Safety Awareness event took place today on the second floor of Rogers Student Center. The event was to raise awareness on...

Tennis Tech students provide lessons

Free Tennis lessons are being held on Saturday April 19 by Tennis Tech students.

Explore with TJC’s travel study program

By Sorayda Rivera Contributing Writer As a student, traveling might be something that...

Tennis Tech provides training in tennis management

The professional tennis management program offered at Tyler Junior College gives students a chance to turn their love for the game into a full time job. The Tennis Tech program has been offered at Tyler Junior College since 1974 and has hosted students from every corner of the planet.

High School diploma no longer enough

In the last several years, there have been more and more institutions in Texas offering inverted degrees that embrace technical classes in the applied...