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Vaping among young adults is on the rise

Maya Gayler Managing Editor Cody Wallace began smoking cigarettes because of the influence he was surrounded...

Good luck with future adventures Dr. Metke

 Robert Naylor News Editor  Dr. L. Michael Metke is announcing his retirement after serving at the...

Juan Mejia is lone finalist for TJC President

The TJC Board of Trustees met at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1 and announced Dr. Juan Mejia as the lone finalist...


Lifeguard of the year

Carlos Starks-Arriola,is one of the lifeguards at TJC that works at the OHPE. He began swimming laps properly when Sondra Ramsour, aquatic operations coordinator,...
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Tennis players win at national championship

Tennis players win at national championship


Car accident near campus

By Haley HustonEditor-in-ChiefA car accident just West of the intersection of Palmer and Fifth Street resulted in traffic problems and at least one...

Museum grows to provide art for Tyler residents

From the outside, it is just another brick building, but inside are treasures to inspire the heart and the mind. Located at 1300 S. Mahon Ave., the Tyler Museum of Art opened in 1971 from funds raised by the Junior League of Tyler. The museum was started by the "picture ladies;" women who took "pictures" of arts to the schools to give students knowledge of what art was about.

TJC hopes to offer a second Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Technologies and Medical systems

Sydni Cunningham Digital Content Manager Tyler Junior College is working on adding another Bachelor’s degree to their growing list of degrees. President Michael Metke, Ph. D...
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Former Apache Belle director killed in apparent murder-suicide

Colten Sneed and Barbara Arroio Tyler PD responded to a report of a shooting on 1207 Wimbledon Street on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Former Apache...


BEST Smartphones

A crazy type of joy

August 20, 2007 was a day that would change my life forever. I was to start a school that I never even thought about going too.





McCain offers statesmanlike concession speech

John McCain's presidential run ended Tuesday night on the lawn of a swank resort hotel with a gracious touch of statesmanship.

Facebook Kills Celebrities. Sort of.

The other night, I was scrolling through Facebook as usual when all of the sudden I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. Was it...

A Live Theatre Thriller – Wait Until Dark

A live theatre thriller reaches out to Tyler this Halloween season. The Tyler Civic Center hosts the show “Wait Until Dark” written by Frederick Knott. It...

Police Academy Graduation

12th Basic Peace Officer Class Director of Law Enforcement Academy Dr. Thomas Johnson gives out a plaque to class valedictorian, David Sarnacki, in recognition of his achievement.

Crime Watch – Nov. 24

11/21/2008 4:45PM TRAFFIC COMPLAINT Campus Safety was notified of three vehicles illegally parked, blocking traffic on Parklen St. The incident will be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs. 11/22/2008 3:35PM PARKING COMPLAINT A homeowner on Porter St.
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It isn’t all bad news, despite how it looks

Imagine a boat with holes on the sides. If no one knows about it, the boat will more than likely sink slowly. But if...

The Venue

Current Midterm Election Information | Smith County November 2018

Early Voting Times and Locations Monday-Friday 10/22/2018 - 10/26/2018   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 10/27/2018   7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Sunday 10/28/2018 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday 10/29/2018 - 11/02/2018   7:00...

New MyTJCnews mobile app!

We're launching a new mobile app and you can download it first, via the QR...

‘I be on my suit & tie’

A sharp-dress suit can either break or make the outcome of a job interview, and...

What you need to know for 2018 midterm elections

  Drumbeat student plus staff poll pie chart. Staff writer              ...

The annual PATH food drive ends on a high note

The annual Thanksgiving food drive for PATH (People attempting to help) has wrapped up. The...

Director of Bands joins honorary fraternity, Phi Beta Mu

Brianna Harmon Arts Editor Phi Beta Mu is an honorary fraternity created in 1938 and has about...

Student recitals give music majors opportunity to show talent

What started out as a young boy eager to help out his church worship team, turned into a life long passion for music. Kieth Boynton began learning how to play the bass guitar at age 12; he has been playing ever since and now majors in music at Tyler Junior College.

Healthcare Plan from Heaven or Hell?

The burning question of how can the U.S. government provide equalopportunity for each citizen at a low cost yet maintain high quality in health care,...

Update: Allegations of bullying by Apache Belles

Statement from TJC President Mike Metke: A report was recently aired on one of the local channels in which a former Apache Belle alleged that...

Childcare assistance for students in high demand around TJC campus

Every year one million women under the age of 20 become pregnant. There are anywhere between 500 to 1,000 single mothers attending classes on this campus alone, according to the Tyler Junior College Institutional Research Office. For many of these women, it is a juggling act between handling a grueling class schedule, a demanding job and their caring for their children.

Opinion: Venezuela, the Most Beautiful Country in the World

Songs and pictures can not describe the real beauty of the one of the most unique countries in the world. If you keep up with...

Wienerland returns from closing with new owners

Colten Sneed Editor-In-Chief A Tyler staple has made its long-awaited return. Wienerland, located directly across from TJC on Fifth Street re-opened their doors in May following a...

Sex offender arrested on campus     A registered sex offender recently drove to TJC and walked into Wise Auditorium, pulled down his pants and “performed disgusting acts” in public, according...

Ken Starr speaking at TJC

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, Baylor University President and respected legal authority Ken Starr spoke to TJC students about the Constitution and its importance to everyday life, then accepted questions.
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Soldiers face challenges after returning home

With troops returning home daily from Iraq and Afghanistan the Texas Work force Commission, Veterans Affairs and the state of Texas have joined together to help soldiers reintegrate back into society.

Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care

  As a feminist, women rights is a very delicate subject for me. As a daughter of immigrant parents, immigration is a delicate subject for...

Campus PD offers advice for students, drivers

More than 460 people in the United States will be treated in an emergency room for traffic-related pedestrian injuries in the next 24 hours. ...

Band prepares for Halloween concert

Cecilia Kohl, Staff Writer TJC band department does more then just perform at games. They prepare...

Views on transgender restroom access expressed in the TJC Board of Trustees meeting

By Julia Contarelli Editor-in-chief   Several community members attended the TJC Board of Trustees meeting Thursday to express...

Viewers get ‘Lost’ in ABC’s hit drama

It all started in a dark room with nothing but a DVD player, a 20 inch television set and the entire first season of LOST on DVD. I had sneered at my co-workers who were absolutely mesmerized by this show. Honestly at the time, it looked like a dramatized, spin-off version of Survivor.

Toxic tanning

The things they lost in the fire

By Trent Cooper Staff Writer They say that you never know what you have until it’s gone, or in this case, until just about everything you...

ETMC-Jacksonville welcomes new students with nursing education center

August 25, 2008 was not only the first day of classes at Tyler Junior College main campus, but it also marked the first day of classes and the opening of the new TJC-Jacksonville facility

25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee

P-U-T-N-A-M, that spells Putnam for the 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee that the TJC Theatre department will be performing as their second main stage...

The election is rigged, or is it?

Alex Dickson News Editor Being represented fairly and correctly especially in politics is very important, but when the common perception of the public is that they...

TJC grants three wishes

Lara Smith takes over as Speech and Theater director

As a new semester begins at Tyler Junior College, so does a new era for the Speech and Theater Department. Dr. David Crawford has stepped down from his position as department chair after serving for 25 years, making way for Lara Smith to fill the post.

Crafts for Cash with Etsy

The DrumBeat TV September 9, 2018  

Pet Haven

Nicholas Nash is anything but your typical teenager. At 14-years-old he runs a successful pet rescue operation, with a little help from his mother...

Give Santa the bird…

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Tyler Jaycees Haunted House

An old metal building that looks like it came straight out of Freddy Krueger's back yard is the sight for what some call Tyler's number one haunted house.

Former Apache Jimmy Butler breaks MJ’s record

Last night with Derrick Rose missing his fourth straight game, the bulls would look to Jimmy Butler to secure a win on the road...

Music of the Heart

Like walking up to the edge of a cliff and deciding whether or not to jump, the tension builds. Heart pounding through her head all the way into her feet, the musician takes a deep breath, remembering what she was taught. Sitting down, nerves continue to build as she tries to calm her mind and just do what she knows.

Trick or Treat?

TJC Residence Hall

Carolina Yu gives us an inside look at TJC's newest residence hall.

Deadline to apply for spring graduation here

Graduating from college is a big step in life and can lead toward a great career. "I hope students achieve responsibility, and time management, while still learning and building good memories," said Loretta Allen, Biology lab specialist at TJC. According to Academic Advising Director Jan Adams, most TJC students graduate in May rather than in the summer or winter.

Class conducts presidential popularity poll

With presidential elections looming, political analysts and campaign managers are anxiously crunching numbers to try and estimate how many votes their candidate will receive. A Tyler Junior College class acquired some numbers of their own.

Warm Bodies

Step aside, vampires—you’ve got yourself a worthy, rotting opponent. “Warm Bodies,” released on February 1, is a tongue-in-cheek dark comedy that makes the notion...

Women’s soccer coming to TJC

The women's locker room and coach's office at the Pat Hartley Soccer Complex will finally be occupied this fall.

Being a feminist is not a bad thing

Rebecca Najera Editor-in-Chief On Jan. 21, one of the biggest grassroots movements in history happened: The Women’s March. Not only did people join together here in...

Students and staff awarded at Student Leadership Banquet

Students, faculty members, and organizations were recognized for their leadership achievements at the 11th annual Student Leadership Banquet. The Banquet took place on Thursday,...

Apache Baseball grabs playoff spot

The Apache baseball team defeated Richland College 7-6, clinching a playoff berth for the team.

T-Pain Concert!

T-pain performed at TJC. Check this site for pictures of yourself and friends. Want more T-Pain fun?  Check out our Facebook page!    

The Art of the Brick

Sexual Assault

At 1:55 am this morning, campus police responded to an attempted sexual assault in Ornelas B. The incident was reported to campus police by...

Hoverboards labeled as fire hazard but still on campus

By Haley Huston Editor in Chief After being a proven fire hazard, banned from carrying on airplanes and over 30 colleges across the nation, hoverboards are...

Managing social media

Audio story by Jacob Gray
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A New Beginning

GRAND OPENING Tyler Junior College President Dr. Mike Metke does the honors during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, June 26, marking the opening of the TJC Lindale Center. Officials from TJC, Lindale ISD, the Lindale Economic Development Corporation and the Lindale Chamber of Commerce participated in the event.

Student Life brings in several gallons of blood donations

Rebecca Najera Editor-in-Chief The Center for Student Life and Involvement hosted their 6th annual 50 Gallon Challenge blood drive, and the results are not disappointing. “Word’s getting...

College affordability threatens minority higher education

More African Americans are attending college than ever, but the number of graduates remains low possibly due to the costs of attending. "My family motivated me to attend college because neither parent graduated, and they wanted me to become successful," freshman Briyana Johnson said.

EDITORIAL: Like it or not, we are in this together

February is Black History Month, and with movements like Black Lives Matter going on its...

Give Santa the bird…

Campus housing deadlines approach quickly for students

"See Ya Later!" is what Residential Director Angela Nunez says to students who failed to pay for their dorm rooms. The payment due date for the dorms is approaching faster than students realize, and money must be paid in order to be guaranteed a dorm. "If a student is returning and has not paid by June 1, they will be dropped," said Nunez.

NJCAA ranks TJC golf team at No.1

The Tyler Junior College men's golf team is ranked No.1 in the nation by the NJCAA and Golfstat, which came out earlier in the semester.

Telecourses losing out to online options

Telecourses were the first distance education programs at TJC. However, what was once considered high-tech is losing ground to online options.

Big girls don’t cry

Today's youth is quickly becoming known as the Kleenex generation. Their tears are wiped away. Their hands are sanitized, and feelings are protected tighter than Oprah's personal phone number. But has anyone asked why? Why is it all of a sudden unacceptable to allow a child to be upset, to be chosen last, to cry? It may be because there are still adults out there with no common sense.

Buffalo Chips – Movie Review: 2016: Obama’s America

With elections coming up President Obama has been presenting to the people his plans for future America...again. America wanted a leader that had a vision...

ET orchestra provides entertainment, aid for community

The mixture of classical and contemporary music makes the East Texas Symphony Orchestra one of the top artistic and historical organizations in East Texas. "We think we are a part of the heart of Tyler's cultural life. Our mission is to engage ,educate and enlighten audiences through the live performance of symphonic music," Kathy Housby, associate director of marketing and development, said.

Editorial: Election Day 2014

With Election Day happening today there is still a large group of people who do not know the issues or, to put bluntly, care....

TJC sports playoff outlook

Robert NaylorNews/Sports Editor The spring semester not only marks the end of the school year, but also plays host...