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Mueller report may indicate Trump’s exoneration

Robert NaylorNews Editor  The Mueller Report was turned in on Friday, March 22, indicating the end of one of the...

Once upon a time: Honors students perform for Tyler elementary schools

Hannah Horton Editor-in-Chief Honors students in the Fairytale Theatre class have spent the semester getting ready...

Student wins NISOD conference program design competition

Hannah Horton Editor-in-Chief A TJC student recently won a national graphic design contest.


East Texans donate during holidays despite economy

Cold crisp air fills the room as the door swings open to the hall. A young boy runs to the living room, wiping sleep from his eyes only to round the corner and find his Christmas tree bare. Firefighter Association Toy Drive This is the 27th year that the Tyler Firefighters Association and the Tyler Fire Department have teamed up to prevent this type of event through a toy drive for Smith County Residents.
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Campus tours help prospective students make decisions

When deciding whether to attend a certain college, a prospective student will consider advantages and disadvantages, expenses and general information about the college. Touring the campus can also be an important factor in making the decision. "People call in if they would like to tour the campus.


Campus crime report released

Crime is down slightly based on a report released by Campus Safety Chief Randy Melton.

Rate my professor

Ready or Not?

With only five months since Hurricane Ike tore through the popular vacation spot, leaving over $11 billion dollars in damage, Galveston now only has a few weeks until the spring break season starts. With spring break approaching quickly, many students have the possible destinations on their minds.

Secrets behind Soda

Many people assume the food they eat couldn’t be harmful or unclean because then the Food and Drug Administration wouldn’t allow it to be...

Brought to Justice

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No gas for class?

With gas prices at a national high, students are trying different tactics to save at the pump.



Safety for students increases

5th Annual Project Costa Rica

‘The Nutcracker’ auditions

New York abortion law


Online Addiction




The Ebola Outbreak.The case of a man recently dying in a Dallas hospital after being diagnosed with Ebola has raised concerns and fears about...


BEST Smartphones

Future of school textbooks moving closer to cyberspace

Northwest Missouri State University students started spring semester classes Monday, but many aren't lugging thick textbooks around. Instead, most students are carrying a lightweight electronic device that can fit in a coat pocket and hold the textbook material for all their classes.





Aloha! The Apache Belles’ Hawaii trip

By Elizabeth Dieterich Staff Writer Lying on the beach and exploring an island is the ideal spring break for many students, but so is giving back....

Men’s basketball aims on the Regional Title

Ben Savallo Sports Editor Now with the regular season officially over, the men’s basketball team has made their way into the postseason after scratching through one...

Arsonist going for “15 minutes of fame”

A church is a place of holy sanctity, a place of worship, refuge and hope. But some people in the world feel differently about this. So differently in fact, that they would spend their time and energy to burn churches to the ground. Since New Years Day there have been a total of nine church fires in the East Texas area, seven of which have been declared arson.

Advertising Submissions

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Yellow Jackets protecting and serving TJC students

Quanae Miller Student Life Editor Students have mixed feelings about having Ambassadors, also referred to as Yellow Jackets, on campus. Some students assume they have a background...

Softball team sets tone with new faces

Ben Savallo Sports Editor Two years after the birth of the TJC softball program, it has gone through a complete and total rebirth; new coaching staff,...

TJC Shows Heart

Life of an Athlete

By Nick Vaughn Sports Editor Times are difficult in the life of a college athlete. Dealing with the...

Holocaust Survivor to Speak at TJC

Inge Auerbacher will share her harrowing experience of being a child in a Nazi war...

Life lessons suck.

Smith County College Fair in new, larger location

Marshall Cearfoss Managing Editor This year’s Smith County College Fair, on Nov. 8, is in a new...

Tyler Civic Theater presents ‘Blithe Spirit’

A séance, a medium, and a ghost are usually seen in horror films instead of comedies, but "Blithe Spirit" is a different story. Tyler Civic Theaters' newest production "Blithe Spirit," written by Noel Coward, is the tale of Charles Condomine, a novelist, and his second wife who decides to have a séance to speak to the other side.

Faces of TJC

She walks around campus in her pencil skirt, white top, designer frames and heels on. Every strut in her step would seem to be classier and more powerful than the last. Her aura would speak before her mouth would, suggesting that she was no ordinary student.

Football team enters season with high expectations

Speed and endurance are going to be on the side of the Apache Football team this season with new freshmen and returning sophomores.

And God’s Grace Shown Through That Day

Homeless Part 3

Changes to financial aid, yet again

By Alexis Long Student Life Editor CLARIFICATION: There is misinformation in the column. “Changes in financial aid, yet again” column. The date for disbursement remains the...

Theatre department presents ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Rebecca Najera Arts Editor For the last mainstage production of the fall, the theatre department will be performing the Shakespearean classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “It fulfills...

Candlelight vigil held for TJC student who died in car accident

By Julia Contarelli Student Life Editor Students gathered in the glow of lit candles and cellphone lights. White balloons were floating in the air. A prayer...

Tennis team’s success

By Marshall CearfossOnline EditorThe tennis team continues to prove that it’s a force to be reckoned with this semester. Dash Connell, head coach,...

TJC Apache Ladies Basketball team beats Jacksonville Jaguars

The Tyler Junior College Apache ladies basketball team played their first game of the Region 14 Basketball Championships in Jacksonville. At 6 p.m. on Wednesday...
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Students weren’t notified about shooting on campus

By Julia Contarelli Editor-in-Chief “It was seven gunshots and then a pause and there was like six more,” said Isis Bradley, TJC sophomore. Bradley was beating the...

Thunderdome returns to Arts Festival

Briana Harmon Arts Editor Thunderdome, an art competition that many pieces are entered in knowing only one will make it out in one piece. Thunderdome originated from...

Apache Soccer is Going Strong in Mid-Season

With soccer season reaching its midway point, the Apaches are really racking up the wins. Both the men’s and women’s teams are on a...

News Briefs

Little bits of news straight to the point

The faulty alarm systems aren’t so faulty

By Megan Nicholson Staff Writer The Alarm System is there for everyone’s safety and no one should...

After the Inuguration

Students of Tyler Junior College have mixed feelings about Barack Obama's presidency. He was officially sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, as the 44th President of the United States. Susanne Moore, part-time librarian assistant, said she caught different segments of the airing of the Inauguration.

Men’s golf team outlasts the Bearcats and mother nature

It helps to be a morning person if you are a golfer. It's still cool outside, the sun is just coming up to begin its long day of work and dew still coats the fairways, greens and tee boxes. The stage is set for TJC's Men's Golf Team; they have yet another opportunity to win a Region XIV title, and one last chance to prepare for the national tournament in May.

Eggstravaganza (Slide Show)

Laughter and the smell of grass fill the air as hundreds children run on the...

The sun and skin cancer

Sophomore Victoria Pulley enjoyed the relaxation of tanning, but learning that her father had skin cancer changed her views on the dangers of UV...

Tennis team dominates the competition at the Oracle Cup

By Ben Savallo Sports Editor Six members of the TJC tennis team reached the Oracle Cup in Surprise, Arizona after qualifying in the regional tournament. According to...

Moonlight Serenade tells story of family after war

It's July 4, 1945, in the small town of Tyler, Texas. Boys and girls are coming home from World War II in hopes of starting a new life. Little do they know, their futures have already been decided.

Vision Center: New services provided on both campuses

To raise awareness of the Vision Care Technology program, the vision care clinic has opened a new optical dispensary on the TJC Main Campus. It is located on the second floor of the Vaughn Learning Resource Center. Apache Optical held an open house for the new shop on Feb.

The Haunting of the Jefferson Hotel

Beyond the bathroom door of room 19, the steam on the mirror spelled out the words “Judy, Help, Murder.” Murder was spelled backwards with the...

From burden to blessing

Rain slid down the windows of a silver Infiniti parked alone at a rest area just outside of Tyler. Inside, 22-year-old Tyler Junior College...

Track and Field club comes to TJC

Tyler Junior College is known for numerous things, and one of those things is sports. Those who are associated with TJC, are familiar with all the sports that are offered. Now a new addition to TJCs list of sports is the track club. Although the club is not yet an official team, and will not be participating in any events due to funding for the semester, this gives the students more time to get ready and be prepared, and start training for the next season.

TJC Lady Apaches Vs. Butler College

Thh Lady Apaches soccer team defeated Butler Community College with two goals by Sophomore Alice Coyne. The Lady Apaches got down early in the...

Financial aid refunds mean saving for some, shopping for others

The time has come for Tyler Junior College students to receive their financial aid refunds, and many students are scrambling to the ATM machines to get to their cash. "As soon as I found out my refund money had been posted on my card, I went straight to get it," said Dezarae Favors, TJC sophomore.
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College women are at higher risk for assault

Some female college students suffer a cycle of abuse and intimidation as silent victims of verbal, physical and sexual assaults, while looking for a way out. "Young adult women who are victims tolerate violence because it is what they experience in their homes and for them is all they know," said Jeremy Flowers, prevention specialist at East Texas Crisis Center.

I want the perfect body

'No one wants to be the loser kid in high school,' Sophomore Brittany said as she went through her Facebook photo gallery. She said she wanted to be popular, so she began to focus a lot more on her appearance. "All of the popular girls looked and acted the same," she said.

TJC’s softball team steps up to the plate for its inaugural game

On a chilly, windy, partly cloudy, Friday afternoon, the president of Tyler Junior College, Dr. Mike Metke takes the mound at Schwab Field located...

Softball begins the season after complete makeover

Isaiah Thornton Staff Writer TJC softball is bringing back just one member from their historic 60-6 season...

New hand-crafted beer at ETX named Dr. Fresh becomes popular in only four days

A new hand-crafted beer was released on April 18th, at East Texas Brewery (ETX), by...

Jimmy Butler TJC Promise Shootout

Nicholas Kenebrew, Sports Editor On Saturday September 8, 2018, former Apache Alumnus Jimmy Butler was inducted...

Finding Your Niche

First day of school jitters don’t stop at the college experience. Stepping onto a college...

Former Apache superintendent of local school district

Colten Sneed News Editor Tyler Junior College is used for most students as a stepping stone, either...

Top 5 Worst Horror Movies of All Time

They came from the great beyond. They came to frighten you. They came to suck away your very soul. They are... bad horror movies! Let's...

No-Spoiler Review: The Revenant

By Marshall Cearfoss Online Editor People are losing their minds over this movie, apparently. The reviews (crazed ramblings, more like) about this movie were of the...

Tutors ease stress with “Finals Push”

Need last-minute help with finals? TJC EXCEL Tutors will be providing help along with an escape from stress starting May 4.

Math professor’s spouse with “can-do” attitude preserves memories in canning business

Bianca Fullylove Staff Writer "I only started last year putting some up there in stores. It was always my mom and dad would sell it. They...

TJC sees positive, negative effects of failing economy

President Barack Obama said the economy would get worse before it gets better. The unemployment rate has continued to climb in recent months and prices on household items have done nothing but the same. Economic analysts argue as to what will bring us out of this recession, but no one has the answer.

Digital Issue 2

TJC offers class for students with low grade averages

By Alexis Long Student Life Editor What was once called CPSS until it’s name change in 2012, RISE is a slightly different version of the Learning...

Crime Watch – October 16

The police report from TJC Campus Safety for October 16.

Gang Violence

In the past year, TJC students have been connected to a homicide, armed robbery and multiple fights that could be a result of increasing gang activity on campus.
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Soccer Practice in the Rain

Slideshow By: Ani Umana

New rules change who can use which restrooms

UPDATE: On August 21st U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued an injunction prohibiting the President’s administration from enforcing its Title IX guidance on transgender restroom...

Students and staff awarded at Student Leadership Banquet

Students, faculty members, and organizations were recognized for their leadership achievements at the 11th annual...

Remember what season is about

By Hannah Johnson Editor-in-Chief As kids grow up they are constantly being told to share and that...

Barack Obama elected president

Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States on Tuesday, swept to victory by an anxious country eager to change course at home and abroad. RELATED STORIES: * McCain offers statesmanlike concession speech * 'Serious mood' overshadows Obama hoop ritual * Democrats pick up senate seats, but 60 proves elusive

DRUMBEAT TV | Feb. 21, 2018 | first broadcast of the spring semester 2018

DRUMBEAT TV | Feb. 21, 2018

Electronic textbooks quickly becoming alternative option

Many students are tired of paying too much money for textbooks and getting little buy-back value at the end of the semester. Electronic textbooks are a less expensive option to do homework and check assignments online. "It's a whole new world," TJC provost Butch Hayes said.

Winter’s Tale Review

Winter's Tale is full of yellow snow

In the zone…

More than coffee

Tucked in the historic Brick Street area of Tyler is an authentic...