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Vaping among young adults is on the rise

Maya Gayler Managing Editor Cody Wallace began smoking cigarettes because of the influence he was surrounded...

Good luck with future adventures Dr. Metke

 Robert Naylor News Editor  Dr. L. Michael Metke is announcing his retirement after serving at the...

Juan Mejia is lone finalist for TJC President

The TJC Board of Trustees met at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1 and announced Dr. Juan Mejia as the lone finalist...


First year a challenging experience

The first year of college for students can be exciting, new, and sometimes scary.
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TJC Jazz Ensemble named Jazz Band of the Year

By Rebecca Najera Arts Editor TJC’s Jazz Ensemble was named the 2016 Jazz Band of the Year at the East Texas Music Awards and has been...

Dinner theater, game show headline Homecoming Week

Homecoming at Tyler Junior College has arrived. October 6-11 will be homecoming week, and TJC has several events planned for this week for faculty and students.

Spring Breakdown in Panama City Beach

By Stefany Ostoin Senior Staff Writer Panama City Beach crime rate has risen tremendously and may be a danger to college students and locals. As Spring Break...

Group seeks to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’ addiction

Stella Malone, 22, found herself alone in a hospital room with 17 staples in her arm. She had cut herself with a kitchen knife, almost slashing her main artery. After a weekend of binge drinking, Malone got in a fight with her mom that ended with her cutting herself with a serrated kitchen knife.

Will the Apache name be the next to come under attack?

By Calvin Maynard Contributing Writer Since the debate over the Washington Redskins’ name began a few decades ago, dozens of colleges across the nation have been...
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President Obama Proposes a Free Community College Plan

President Barack Obama took the stand with grace and promise gleaming in his eyes, the White House emblem posted patriotically behind him as he...



More parking coming soon

TJC Football Player Arrested

And all that jazz



Law passes prohibiting teen tanning

There have been higher cases of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, in younger people directly related to tanning beds, according to Kelly Parsells, aesthetician, South Tyler Dermatology.

…from the cheap seats

TJC Holds Straw Poll

TJC Headed to Nationals


BEST Smartphones

TJC hopes to offer a second Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Technologies...

Sydni Cunningham Digital Content Manager Tyler Junior College is working on adding another Bachelor’s degree to their growing list of degrees. President Michael Metke, Ph. D...



Secrets behind Soda

Many people assume the food they eat couldn’t be harmful or unclean because then the Food and Drug Administration wouldn’t allow it to be...



Students tutored at Learning Loft

With a couple of weeks down, possibly an exam or two taken, students may be wondering how and where to begin to improve their grades. The Learning Loft, located on the third floor of Rogers Student Center, offers free tutoring to students in many core subjects and some electives.

Fall 2014 Issue 6

Food Bank Ready To Help

The Pearsons were once a normal, middle-class family, but when Melinda Pearson's husband lost his job at Good Year Tire in Tyler, everything changed. "It's a very big, big difference from middle class to this," Pearson said. The decline in the economy is largely to blame for struggling families like the Pearsons.

TJC continues to celebrate 90th anniversary

By Alexis Long Student-life Editor   Tyler Junior College has another accomplishment under its belt. What was once just a school with only 93 students and 9 faculty...

TJC Men’s Soccer Vs. Jefferson

Watch the TJC Mens Soccer team take on Jefferson. ...
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The Jean Browne Theater: a continuing dream

By Carl SpeaksCopy Editor Lighting pours from the ceiling near the back wall, which highlights the rear row of seats. The stage, however, is...

Apache Baseball grabs playoff spot

The Apache baseball team defeated Richland College 7-6, clinching a playoff berth for the team.

Tax breaks may benefit students

President Obama has created a tax break for college students in these hard times. A tax deduction of up to $4,000 can be claimed for qualified tuition and fees paid, making college more affordable for most Americans.

Students rely on hybrid convenience

Students pay bills, shop and even watch a political debate online from home, and now technology is allowing students to pursue classes and careers through hybrid courses. A hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning, spending only one day in class and the other day on Internet-based learning outside of school.

TJC student arrested for aggravated assault

Tyler Police arrested TJC student Brianne Overstreet on Tuesday at approximately 4:32 p.m. for aggravated assault after she allegedly stabbed a Tyler resident.

Don’t break a leg

Walking into Jean Browne Theatre on almost any given day, there is a flurry of hammering and drilling on the set for the upcoming production. Students can often be seen scaling ladders while attaching lighting equipment to the scaffolding above. But while these technicians appear to be seasoned pros, there is a very real danger that threatens them as they do their jobs, and has for the past several years.

Billing and Payments

Choosing your words carefully

Everyday thousands and thousands of words are spoken by each of us. Many words we say too often and take for granted. Words like 'I love you.' Some words, such as 'thank you,' we don't say enough. Then there are the words, which if not said in the right way and at the right time, can bring a world of trouble to your life or to those whom you love.


25th Annual Festival on the Square

This is a message for all the Texas music lovers out there. 5 pm- 12 am Saturday, October 13, 2012, Whiskey Myers, Charlie Robison,...

Customer improvement classes are not available

The majority of students in college have jobs. The types of jobs college students work can be limited by experience, age and availability.

Spring Break Safety Awareness

The Spring Break Safety Awareness event took place today on the second floor of Rogers Student Center. The event was to raise awareness on...

Inauguration planned for April

Tyler Junior College is getting ready to formally introduce its 6th president, Dr. Michael Metke.

Flag Football

Flag football Flag football is an annual event each fall that always draws a big crowd of local students. To come watch the games and...

Student Removed For Medical Evaluation

Authorities were called to the TJC field house about 7:45 this morning to respond to a 911 call received by Tyler PD. A TJC...

Women’s soccer wins their first home opener

One minute, 40 seconds. That's how long it took Lauren Jeansonne to put in the first home goal ever for the Lady Apaches.
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BSA Honors Black History Month

TJC honors Black History Month with several events to educate students about this annual observance. February is a month to celebrate the American Black culture....

New Student Rates for the Tyler Transit System

Are you pumping gas or walking on grass? Not all students on or off campus have a car, so how do they get around? Students...

Vet techs gaining momentum

Colten Sneed News Editor Dogs, cats, fish, and guinea pigs are common animals that kids grow up...

TJC football scores big win over Kilgore

Isaiah Thornton Staff Writer In the season opener on the road not many people gave this Tyler...

TJC apache football team has chance for playoffs

After the homecoming win, TJC's apache football team is now leading the Southwest Conference with...

Center provides help for pregnant close to campus

A third of girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years, according to "Pregnancy is a rite of passage and teenagers don't have a concept of how life will change, "said Georgiann Shore, a volunteer at The Pregnancy Resource Center in Tyler, just off TJC's campus.

Distance education provides cost solutions for students

Distance education is a program offered at Tyler Junior College that is flexible, affordable, and convenient.

Teams take Region XIV, nationals up next

Fresh off Region XIV championships, the TJC men’s and women’s tennis teams have been busy preparing for their last - and biggest - tournament...

No-Spoiler Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

By Marshall Cearfoss Web Editor I have literally never seen more hype for a movie than what preceded The Force Awakens. In fact, I was beginning...

Worlds gather for annual TJC International Day

The global community visits TJC each year to celebrate and educate students about people, culture, food and religions around the world. Government professor Dr.. Manoucher Khosrowshahi started International Day 20 years ago to educate students about foreign cultures.

Picking up the pieces: Van, Texas photo slideshow

Day 3 of clean up resumed today in Van. Volunteers from all over the country and the state came to help residents salvage what...

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New Experiences for Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold has something new to offer

Dancing With What Stars?

International Day of culture enrichment at TJC

By Alejandra HurtadoSpanish EditorTJC will celebrate the upcoming 26th annual International Day with a celebration of cultural diversity. "When I was first hired at TJC...

Leadership class raises funds for Make-A-Wish child

By Marshall Cearfoss Managing Editor UPDATE: Taylor's wish has come true! In an email, Professor Don Blaine announced that his leadership course has yet again raised...

Professors, Paints and Prints

 On any given day, various beautiful, meaningful, representational pieces of artwork hang in the Wise Auditorium Art Gallery for students and faculty on campus...
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Distance education courses might have learning downfalls

Distance education could be a perfect fit for some students, but may be a frustration for others. Some students may be visual, auditory or even tactile learners in the classroom, but what if there is not that one-on-one contact with the instructor or their classmates? According to The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), in the 12-month 2000-2001 academic year, there were an estimated 3.

The DrumBeat Digital Edition: Issue 8

State tuition needs overhaul

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education has released its latest report card for state colleges and universities and it does not paint a good picture for those schools, including ones here in Texas. Schools were graded on its progress and performance in five key areas, including preparation, participation, affordability, completion, and benefits.

Apache Tennis looks for National Championship

Last fall Tyler Junior College Men's Tennis team acquired not only new players but also a whole new facility.

Divorce rates falling but marriages still failing

Recently, it seemed like I had quite a few young friends who were a little too eager to tie the knot. As I sat in the back of the crowded church, the only thought running through my mind was, "after the divorce, which one of them will be keeping the toaster I bought for their wedding gift?" It seems so senseless to get married knowing that half of all marriages fail.

A letter to TJC professors for finals

Andres Jaimes Staff Writer Dear professors, we, the students would like to ask you nicely to help us prepare for these finals like never before. We...

The Beat Goes on With the Indoor Drumline

For the student captains of the TJC Indoor Drum Line, juggling school and 30 hours of rehearsals a week is not uncommon. “It is difficult...

Summer camps take over campus

Registration for the Tyler Junior College Children's Summer Camp is currently open, and it isn't rocket science. The camps, however, are. Everything from rocket science to volleyball is offered for children ages 8 to 18 depending on the camp.

Meet the Editor: Anna Graves, Digital Content Manager

Hi! My name is Anna Graves. I'm The DrumBeat's digital content manager. That's basically a fancier title than saying online editor. I manage the...

Crime Watch – Oct. 22

Campus Safety Police report dated October 22.

Growing nursing program up for grants

TJC's nursing program is being considered for a $130,000 grant after exceeding the 70 percent minimum gradation rate for new nurses.

Men’s basketball recap

Then men’s Apache basketball team didn’t exactly have a jolly winter break this year. In fact, you might say that all they ended up...

Coming back from Injury

Coming back from an injury can be a hard thing to gage at times, but it really all comes down to what the body...
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Mwahahaha! The dictionary is changing. The Oxford Dictionary online has added widely used slang including “mwahahaha” and “ridic” and taken out words that are no...

Women’s Basketball date change

The TJC Athletic Department has announced its game against McClennan Community College will now be played Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

TJC sports playoff outlook

Robert NaylorNews/Sports Editor The spring semester not only marks the end of the school year, but also plays host...

Opinion: Housing’s GPA policy is fair

Nick Kennebrew, Sports Editor A 2.0 GPA is all you need to stay on campus at...

East Texans support local music scenes

One of the least expected places to find for live music in Tyler is Brookshires on Rice Road. Most students don't know that inside of this grocery store is a café called Java Jams. Although Java Jams doesn't have live music every night, there is typically some sort of acoustic show going on Saturday nights.

Student musicians search for venues

The room is packed, with many kids standing on chairs to get a better view. They have come for one purpose hear music, something that many young adults have a passion for. Most of them have musical aspirations themselves, and seeing someone else on stage playing awakens a particular look in their eyes.

Petition calls for change in law to protect women

While driving home alone on a dark road, Dibor Roberts saw familiar red and blue lights in her rearview mirror. But instead of pulling over on a dark, isolated Verde Valley road, Roberts decided to drive to a lighted area.

The Andrews are a TJC faculty-family legacy

Haley Schukei Staff Writer TJC graduate, Mitch Andrews, attributes much of his success to Tyler Junior College....

Apaches aiming to take next step in 2014

In 2013, the TJC baseball team won 38 contests and advanced to the District C Tournament, winning some big games along the way but...