Photos by Andrea Valdez

Inside the center, the original statued mural of muses has been worked into the new lobby. This is one of several aspects of the original theatre worked into the new design.


A statement etched into the exterior of the new performing arts center stresses the importance of the arts to all passersby.

View of the stage from the house
View of the house
Presidential board room backstage
Orchestral pit for musicians underneath the stage
Green room for actors backstage
Hallway of the performing arts center


  1. I love the new performing arts center. TJC has work hard for this and I hope the students love it as much tjc is only growing from here. It looks even more stylish and comfortable.

  2. The new a performance arts center is spectacular to me. This will add more character to the tjc campus. I enjoy watching plays so this will definitely be a hot spot for me !!

  3. It looks amazing! This new center will be very important and will have great use. I can’t wait to see it in person and enjoy the center.

  4. I love how unique and well planned this performance art centre looks! If I ever come near this centre I would more than likely love to admire it in person.


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