By McKinley Gregg
Contributing Writer

The Tyler Junior College Apache Belles Spring Show will be at 7 p.m. March 25 and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the 26 and 27 at the new Rogers Palmer Performing Arts Center on the TJC Campus. Families and others planning to attend must be in groups of four to six and wait outside the auditorium. Each group will have printed tickets they will show the door holder as they enter. At the time of entrance each person’s temperature will be taken. Everyone will be required to wear masks and each group will be separated by an empty row of seats.
This year’s sophomore Apache Belles will have their first show and are taking extra precautions to ensure all COVID-19 safety regulations are followed.
This year’s spring show, titled “Where the Light is,” is centered around having and creating hope during a time of darkness.
“Not only is our show referring to the dark times experienced during COVID-19, it is also a reference to the darkness people feel within themselves such as depression, anxiety, fear and much more and the hope we have to overcome these dark times,” Katy McMicheal, sophomore Apache Belle and head dance captain, said.
McMicheal said the dance will represent what the organization has gone through.
“With going through the pandemic, we had no idea what was coming next and so when we had the opportunity to come back we knew we wanted to end this year with an impact on our community,” McMicheal said.
Julianna Tamayo, sophomore Apache Belle and elite group member, talked about how last year was the first year the Apache Belles were unable to perform their nationally known show in decades due to COVID-19.
“Our Belle Gold and alumni always talk about how wonderful spring show is and last year we weren’t able to experience that as freshmen,” Tamayo said. “So we are really looking forward to show the love we have for this organization and school through our performance.”
Alaina Gunn, freshman Apache Belle, said the Apache Belles have been known to bring light to the community for many years.
“I believe that this show being focused on hope and light is a great way to start bringing the community back to TJC,” Gunn said. “The Belles have always been a light to the community and the face of the college not only during the pandemic, so with this show we hope to be able to show what we can do and how we are there for the community.”


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