A pizza deliveryman was robbed at gunpoint last night at Village at the U. The robbery, which occurred inside the gated complex, took place about 10 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2014. This is the latest in a string of crime in the complex formerly known as The Cambridge. It should be noted that TPD’s press release still refers to the complex, at 3088 Old Omen Rd, as The Cambridge.

For more on crime in the gated apartments near UT Tyler search Varsity Place, Village at the U or the Cambridge on our website.

MyTJCnews and the Apache Pow Wow are running an exclusive series about the incidents called TJC Investigates. Part one can be found at this link: http://mytjcnews.com/news/officers-resign-investigation/


  1. There are a lot of incidents like this one, particularly involving a concealed weapon, that occurs here at the Village, The Cambridge, as many people who are from Tyler would call it. I feel like these apartments aren’t safe, it sucks because they are really nice furnished apartments.


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