Cecilia Kohl, Staff Writer

TJC band department does more then just perform at games. They prepare for concerts that are held throughout the semester, including the upcoming Kids’ Halloween Concert.

Walking into the band department at the Wagstaff Gym, it is obvious that there is a lot passion for music. Professors are pushing students to better themselves and grow their skills.

With music echoing in every part of the area, Apache Band Director Jeremy Strickland stated “we are here to expose the students and audience to a great performance.” With the up and coming Kids’ Halloween concert, Strickland recommended “We encourage all college students to come, support, and dress up, but most of all enjoy musical pieces from Ghost Busters all the way to Star Wars. Not to give away all secrets, but there will also be music from Pixar and Jurassic Park as well!”

Before they can get to the point of playing in front of others, in mid-summer, students receive music to prepare for the audition that happens right before school starts. At the audition, only the top 45 students receive a spot, and from then on out it is go time.

Student Marli Dority said that the life of a typical band member involves “waking up in the middle of the night because you have band at 7:45 am. Then having a rehearsal in the beginning of the day and practicing throughout, plus another rehearsal at the end of the day.”

Band member Peter Merts adds that for him it is, “waking up for band but mostly hauling around everything, starting with b flat trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, piccolo trumpet, all my music and a mute bag.”

The students who are selected to partake in this opportunity know what is in store for them. Strickland stated,”we do our best at running our program as if we were a four-year program and have students practice as such.” The wind ensemble will continue preparing for the Halloween Kids’ Concert with the attitude of a four-year program.

The concert will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 30th at 7 p.m. in Wise Auditorium. It is free for everyone, and there will be plenty of candy.


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