On June 18, 2014 Tyler Junior College formally announced a new program with Baylor University designed to streamline the transfer process for prospective students.

“Baylor Bound” aims to open new doors for those enrolled in approved AA or As programs eligible for transfer. In addition to a dedicated, working relationship with the university, advisors will also have access to information about potential scholarships exclusive to Baylor.

The “Baylor Bound” program will begin helping students in the fall of 2015, with the intent to transfer for the Fall 2016 semester at Baylor. The program is designed to allow participants to attend TJC for one year and Baylor for three.

Baylor senior and TJC alumna Taylor Griffin was invited to attend the formal announcement.

“My advice is simple: go where you feel at home. For me and many others, that’s Baylor. If transferring to a university after TJC is the plan, start looking NOW,” said Griffin. “Do not wait until the semester before you graduate. It was important for me to graduate from TJC and not just transfer credits. I applied and was accepted to Baylor the fall before my graduation, so essentially a year before I would actually transfer. I was lucky because it allowed me to register for classes my last TJC semester that I knew for a fact would transfer. This new deal, Baylor Bound, was set in place to help alleviate transfer credit woes, and I was so proud of both my schools working together to see their students succeed.”

Baylor University is a private Baptist university in Waco, Texas. The school is a nationally ranked research institution and among the top colleges in the United States. Baylor boasts an athletic program in the NCAA Division I Big 12 conference.

For more information about the “Baylor Bound” program, visit www.tjc.edu/baylorbound.

To read the rest of MyTJCnews’ interview about Baylor life with Taylor Griffin, visit www.MyTJCnews.com


  1. I am so excited to hear about the Baylor Bound Transfer program. It was very informational for us students and those of use who are parents. I have junior in high school who plans to major in medicine. She will graduate in the spring of 2015. Time to start preparing and planning ahead. Thanks for including the hyperlink to do further research about the program.

  2. It is nice to hear of a program like Baylor Bound that will make transferring from a junior college to a university easier. Hopefully, more and more universities will pick up on this plan.

  3. I’m excited that Baylor Bound is coming to TJC. Alot of times Parents are reluctant about their Children going out of town their First Year of College. This gives the parent and student a sense of ease. The student will be able to get the feel of College without being at a Major University right out of High School. Also they wont have to be worried about credits transferring. I hope that Student really look into this I believe it Could be the start of something Great.


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