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The Associated Press has called the United States presidential race between current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. AP has declared Joe Biden the winner of the election, along with his chosen vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

After AP announced the results early Saturday, several media outlets including CBS News, CNN and Fox News followed suit in declaring Biden president-elect. The news comes after a close race that hinged on votes from key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona. 

The 2020 presidential race has produced the highest voter turnout in American history, according to Bloomberg. An estimated 157-165 million voters cast their ballots, comprising nearly 72% of the eligible population. According to CBS News, both candidates surpassed former President Barack Obama’s record for most votes ever received in a presidential election (69.5 million). As of Saturday morning, Biden received approximately 74.5 million votes, while Trump received approximately 70.3 million votes.

This is a developing story that will be updated as the DrumBeat staff receives more information.


  1. This is really excited news! but also this probably have been the most stressful election ever. The most important news is that we have the first African American women ever to be a Vice President!

  2. This election has been the most stressful one by far and I was a first voter , This is very exciting that we have the first women to be a vice president in office

  3. It felt like the election took forever. This was my first time participating in a big election and it made me feel good. It felt like more people were involved in the election definitely with memes and social media. This election broke a good record.


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