Dr.Linda Gray adds color to campus


Dr. Linda Gary, dean of Humanities, Communication and Fine Arts, has begun a movement to add more art to the campus. Some may have noticed a few additions throughout the buildings.

“I and other faculty members … are interested in putting out more art and brightening up the place. We think that art just creates a synergy and vibrancy and sometimes make you stop and think,” said Gary.

Pieces have been added in a few buildings, such as, Rogers Nursing and Health Sciences, Potter Hall and Jenkins Hall.

The theatre department has donated a few pieces. “The Picasso-esque piece was a piece created for a theatre production, several years ago, on Picasso. In fact, it is a recreation of his iconic piece from the early part of the 20th century,” said Gary.

Many artists have contributed to the new “vibrancy” on campus. Local artist and students have also donated pieces to be displayed.

Zach Smith is the creator of the new paintings hung in Potter. He is the son of faculty member Lara Smith.

“My mom had an empty space in her secretary office … she wanted some artwork there. And, so, I made two pieces … a couple people saw them and wondered who made them, and word got out from there,” said Zach Smith.

Smith has been doing art since he was in grade school. He has been in several art classes since being in high school, including ceramics.

The inspiration for the paintings in Potter came from social media. “My friend saw this on an Instagram page and said we should try to do one ourselves,” said Smith. From there, he and his fellow art students experimented with this particular technique of “acrylic pore.”

There is more artwork to come. Gary and other staff are not done adding life to dull walls.

“I think that they [buildings] are always made more attractive and comfortable for visitors and people who have to work in those buildings. It creates a more lovely environment,” said Gary.


  1. I love this! i think the halls should be filled with more paintings or just pictures of historical things because it just makes the hall have more life instead of just being plain.

  2. Seeing art in the hallways between classes is great because it can brighten up a students mood, so I hope the work keeps up.

  3. Art allows inspiration to flow free. In my opinion, this is a great idea. Art should be hung around parts of the campus and allow students to relax.

  4. I think it’s an awesome idea. I was in the art class and enjoyed the displays of art. it definitely made a huge different as far as the vibe.


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