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Cityfest: Event brings hundreds to downtown Tyler

 CityFest East Texas festival was a free event that featured music performances, an action sport demo, food trucks and vendors. The event also had a family fun zone so kids could join the fun, too. This two-day event was from Oct. 5-6 at the Square in downtown Tyler.

Some of the artists were Ryan Stevenson, Blanca, Newsboys United, Andrew Palau, Pat Barrett, Marisol, Neal McCoy, Lecrae and Andrew Palau. 

This event was covered by 400 church and organizations to make this event free, according to cityfest.org. According to the festival site, this event was to show the unity of Jesus Christ on a large scale.

Written by Viviana Faz

Pictures by Michael King

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  • Great Event

  • This event seemed like a lot of fun. I saw fliers but didn’t know it was more of a spiritual event.

  • I had the amazing opportunity to attend this festival on the first day of it’s opening, and it was amazing to see many different denominations and a diverse group of people come together in a setting like that with a common interest. What a fun opportunity for a free event in Tyler!

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