Nicholas Kenebrew, Sports Editor

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone associated with The Drumbeat and communication department.

As I want to be a sports journalist for ESPN one day.

My year with the newspaper was enjoyable, and I appreciated having had the opportunity to work with professors, Gray, Jennische and Mogle.

They helped me gain a tremendous experience in my field of study. Thus allowing me to get out of my comfort zone.

Evolving my love of sports, talking to coaches and players, setting me up for my future.

I’ll miss the days before press, where the staff would be staying over to make sure the paper would be done.

Also, thank you, Mrs. Diana Karol, Mrs. Aukse Harris, and the rest of the housing department for believing in me as a Resident Assistant and for encouraging me.

They believed in my abilities to be an RA which was a fun way to end my semester.

To all of my professors, that supported me and gave me all the tips and advice to succeed on my academics. TJC professor is the best example of qualified staff and a big role in TJC’s promise of providing a quality education.

Thank you, Nicholas Kenebrew



  1. I believe that it is great that you stepped out of your comfort zone and dedicated your time to be a part of the TJC newspaper. I think it is very humble of you to thank and recognize your professors and peers who helped you stay on track and helped you find your future dream. The fact that you continued to write and devoted time to speak with various professors and then spend time writing these articles is just unbelievable. I truly hope that you follow your dreams and continue writing!

  2. It is good that Nicholas will follow his dream. He already has the experience, determination, and an overall right state of mind to succeed.

  3. It is good that Nicholas wants to follow his dream. He has the experience, determination, and overall right state of mind to be successful.

  4. I think it is great that Nicholas wants to follow his dream. He has the experience, determination, and the right mindset to be successful.

  5. Thank you for being an example of what hard work and determination will do. I know it was not easy but it sounds like you had a great working relationship with your professors and vice versa. I wish you all the success that your heart, mind, and life can withhold. Keep God first and always seek his guidance and acknowledge Him in whatever you do and He will not fail you.


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