Good luck with future adventures Dr. Metke


 Robert Naylor

News Editor

 Dr. L. Michael Metke is announcing his retirement after serving at the helm as president/chancellor for 12 years. 

Metke will officially retire from his position effective June 30, 2019, marking him as the sixth person to do so in TJC history. 

Since his hiring, Metke has garnished growth throughout the campus in its plethora of programs. Regardless of whether it is sports or academics, Metke’s oversight has garnished growth throughout the entire campus. 

“Regardless if you were a student or a staff member, Metke made it a point to stop and say hi to everyone,” said Maya Gayler, sophomore TJC student. “He was a lively character that was hard to avoid, and he will certainly be missed on campus.” 

Metke was brought in as president of TJC in 2008, and had transitioned into his role as chancellor in 2018. 

“Leaving TJC is harder than I ever imagined. I started working off the farm at 14, and every time I left a job to pursue a new opportunity, my employers urged me to stay. My original goal was to be here about five years, but somehow TJC grabs hold of you and won’t let go so I’m years behind my original retirement plans. Donna and I bleed black and gold. We’ll remain involved and be TJC’s top supporters in the times and seasons ahead,” said Metke during his most recent press release. 

With Metke’s retirement announcement, TJC will have some large shoes to fill for the upcoming school year. As of now, no details have been issued regarding this administrational change. 

“This seems the right time. TJC is at an all-time high with the best governing board I’ve ever served and the best leadership team I’ve ever assembled. At 12, 270, we have the most students in our history. More importantly, we have more of the best students ever. The College’s infrastructure, buildings, donor base, Foundation, and finances are all strong and growing. Our incredibly dedicated TJC family is like no other. All our successes result from this wonderful synergy that comes from TJC’s employees, alumni, donors, supporters and friends. TJC’s future is brighter than ever,” said Metke during his most recent press release. 

Going off of what Metke has said himself, TJC will strive forward with greatness regardless of what challenges await its future. While Metke will officially be stepping down, he assures TJC that he will remain a presence on campus. 

As of now TJC has detailed that Metke’s former position as president has been limited to four final candidates. Details on the hiring process have been transparent, so look out for a future press releases announcing the next president of TJC. 


  1. Ill never forget the impact Dr. Metke has made before retiring. Because of him im getting to graduate college before high school!

  2. It has been truly an honor to take classes at TJC with someone so committed to education like Dr. Metke. I’ve seen the changes and developments he has made throughout my TJC career and it has been phenomenal. He is an inspiration to all who attend TJC and is the face of Tyler Junior College.

  3. Best of wishes to you Mr. Metke, I hope your journey to retirement is full of success and relaxation. Thank you for everything you have contributed to TJC.

  4. Good Luck to Dr.Metke in his retirement. He provided a great influence to the TJC campus, student body, and community. He will be missed by Tyler Junior College but we wish him the best of luck.

  5. I think it is great that Dr. Metke was in his position for 12 years. It added to TJC’s strong foundation to have him serve for such a continuous period of time. Great article on the personal feelings of Dr. Metke concerning his retirement.


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