By Alanah Woodard

Contributing Writer

Trying to enjoy Halloween during a pandemic is challenging. Being safe is important and is a health official’s first priority. In an act to keep the community safe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines to follow over Halloween.

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact, and it can be discouraging to find things to do. However, you can still have fun this holiday by following a few tips from the CDC.

On the CDC’s website under Halloween, it states that trick or treating is a high-risk activity and isn’t recommended. But having grab-and-go bags for trick or treaters is listed as a lower risk while still enjoying the American tradition.

Decorating your mask is becoming popular this fall, but in doing this, the CDC recommends making the mask at least two layers for protection. Regular costume masks aren’t considered a real face covering and do require a mouth and nose covering like a cloth mask.

Even things like virtual costume parties are a way to social distance and still have a good time. Some are having costume contests on Zoom that not only allow you to dress up, but also show off to your peers. This virtual contest also allows those who have tested positive for COVID-19 to participate and enjoy their Halloween with friends and family.

Some suggest spooky movie night with friends and family, which can be a fun way to enjoy Halloween this year in the comfort of your home. The CDC does suggest you do a movie night with the people you already live with to limit exposure to COVID-19.

Decorating the outside of your dorm door can also be a way to feel the Halloween spirit and keep yourself safe. This activity is low risk. Even carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition that most Americans participate in and can continue this year.

Outdoor activities like a pumpkin scavenger hunt where you get to look for Halloween-themed items is a low-risk way to have fun while following CDC guidelines.

A Halloween mixer outside with close family and friends socially distanced could give you some type of normalcy during this pandemic. The CDC ranks this as a moderate risk, and wouldn’t recommend it


  1. Hello,
    When the Corona Virus started I began to wonder how life would be including all our favorite holidays and that was quite odd to think about those things. As it began closer many people worked around it to make it safe as well. Doing virtual things can also be exciting and fun. All the things you listed for a safe halloween could be used for many other things in other ways a well. I love your article!!

  2. While I hate that COVID has put a lot of life on standstill, but the fact that everyone is trying their best to find alternatives to celebrate with one another is encouraging! We need social interaction and breaks from staring at computers for most of the day; and thankfully we continue to find new ways to make the days a little bit better.

  3. I suck that we have to deal with covid but i do believe that everyone is trying their best to stay healthy and still enjoy holidays ! I think it’s amazing seeing people come up with ideas like this to not only protect us but have fun . Although things may be ugly i think it’s still great to realize how blessed we are .


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