Intramural sports offers school and sport balance


By Taylor Tibak

 Intramural sports at Tyler Junior College is a way for students to get involved, meet other students and stay active. 

“The goal is to improve participation numbers by offering numerous amounts of sports and activities for TJC students,” Derek Talcott, director of intramural sports, said. 

While in college, most students have other responsibilities, such as work and keeping up with their studies. This can make it difficult for students to incorporate sports into their schedules. 

“If students aren’t able to commit to playing a TJC varsity sport then intramurals is less time consuming,’’ Talcott said. 

For those who wish to participate is an extracurricular activity without sacrificing hours at work or study time, intramural sports is a way for students to balance it all. The teams meet for games around two days a week between Monday and Thursday, and seasons range from two to six weeks. There are three divisions: women, men and coed. Individual and team sports are available. 

Soccer, flag football, indoor volleyball, racquetball, table tennis and bowling are just a few sports available. All TJC students are welcome to play. Registration can be completed online at Visit the second floor of the OHPE building for more information. 


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