By Andrea Valdez
Broadcast News Director

Graphic by Victoria Deal

Tyler Junior College Campus Police has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to inform students of emergency notifications such as inclement weather, school closures and anything happening on campus that could potentially pose a threat to the students’ safety.
With the RAVE Alert system, students, faculty and staff can receive notifications within a matter of minutes. Depending on the circumstances, some alerts may take a little longer to send than others due to the situation or the number of people the message is being sent to.
“RAVE Alert will be used to send notifications related to the school closing, a delayed opening, a law enforcement emergency on campus or near the campus, major incidents on or near the campus such as a motor vehicle accident, utility emergencies such as a gas leak or power outage, or weather notifications,” said TJC Police Chief Michael Seale.
In the past, students received emails over emergencies that happened hours after they had occurred. With the RAVE alert system, the TJC community is notified quicker and more efficiently based on their preference of notification, according to Seale.
“After looking at other emergency communications systems, TJC determined RAVE would be the best option due to the features of the alert system, such as a user-friendly design, and the customer service RAVE provided during the set-up,” Seale said.
Students can receive RAVE Alert notification via text message, email or phone call. On the RAVE account, users can provide up to three phone numbers, three email addresses and three voice-only telephone numbers. The service is free to the TJC community; however, cell phone providers may charge a per text messaging fee for emergency notifications.
To sign up, visit: Usernames are one’s A numbers and one’s password is the same as what they use for their TJC accounts.


  1. This is a really great thing the TJC campus police are doing, it is not only convenient, but it can potentially keep us safe. I really am happy to see these advancements being made.

  2. This is amazing news to hear. I do not get notifications for emails, so this is a perfect way to get quicker and more effective messages. I am thankful that I go to school somewhere that values students safety.


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