Just after 9 a.m. on Friday April 22, Tyler police were called after Cailin Jensen, a TJC student was struck by a car while crossing S. Mahon Ave. & E. Lake St. According to a police report, the driver, Elizabeth Spiva, also a TJC student, was approaching the the curve of S. Mahon Ave. & E. Lake St. when the sun was shining in her eyes, making visibility limited, striking Jensen. Jensen was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and is expected to make a full recovery.


  1. You don’t have the victims permission to release her full name. Did it occur to you that she doesn’t want unneeded attention from this? Or did you just assume since you’re a little college news page that you can go blasting people’s full names in stories that could possibly lead to legal matters.
    She was run over by a car. This is serious. She will make a full recovery, but this isn’t some fluffer piece for your sad blog. This affects real people.
    The sun visor exists for a reason.

  2. You don’t have the victims permission to release her full name. Did it occur to you that she wouldn’t want unneeded attention from this, or did you just assume that you can go blasting whatever information you want on your little glorified college blog? This story is sensitive and could lead to legal actions, and here you are smearing it on social media for 2 likes.

    She will make a full recovery. She is fine after getting mowed down by someone who lacks the knowledge of what a sun visor is for. She was not hit by a car. She was hit by the driver of the car. Cars are not sentient.

    Please remove her name. As you do not have her permission to place it here.

  3. If the victim wishes her name to be removed, she needs to contact the newspaper office personally and submit a request. Although, if the accident is a matter of public record (anyone can go downtown and request the info, if a police report was made, etc), then they are under no legal obligation to remove her name. This is definitely a news story worth publishing, as I’m sure there are already rumors about it, so the true, straightforward story being published, will set everyone straight. And to have worded it in the manner the brave anon commenter before me suggested, in that she was “hit by the driver of the car,” would imply that the driver got out of her car and struck the victim with a part of her own body. This is obviously not the case. She was hit by the car, driven by a person. Just because the sun was in her eyes, doesn’t mean she wasn’t using her sun visor. Also, this is exactly the reason crosswalks were invented. So pedestrians can walk safely there, and drivers know to stop for them. Jaywalking is one of those “do at your own risk” things, and if the victim is going to make a full recovery, good for her, but she knew the risk of walking randomly into the street before she did it. Are we not taught as children to look both ways BEFORE crossing the street, and continue to watch as you’re crossing? There’s literally no possible way the victim wouldn’t have seen the car approaching, however if the sun was in the driver’s eyes (yes, even using a sun visor), it is entirely possible to not see a person. Slow your role, anon. Maybe do some research before leaving rude comments on a story that was assigned to the writer by their editor.

  4. The victim name shouldn’t be put out right away when it happens. He or she has a right if they do not want his or her name on the media. If it was a serious wreck outside of TJC but in Tyler an he or she had lift threaten or fatal injuries then yes his or her name would be put out to the media and the open. Maybe the stuff didn’t want this accident to get out to the media like that. She probably was already embarrassed about having a wreck at her school and now she has to deal with everybody know and others all in her business. I’m pretty sure both of the female are very great students and didn’t really mean for this to happen but it was a accident. Everyone makes mistakes. I know how it is to have the sun shinning in your eyes while driving without the sun visor being down. I noticed that the news article didn’t say anything about if the female that couldn’t see had sun visors or not in her car. I pray and hope that both females are alright.

  5. I see everyone point to this story but as the writer stated, this is news. I am a concerned parent and my daughter attends TJC. I appreciate news like this so I can remind my daughter to be alert while crossing the street. In this day in time, cellphones are a distraction for many youngsters now a days and this is a reminder to everyone to be alert especially crossing the street. Although you may feel that the young ladies name should not have been publish and this may be true, but there are better ways to voice your opinion instead of being rude. So, thank you to the writer who decided to publish this for the safety of others. I am also happy to know that the young lady hit in this accident will make a full recovery. Not everything should be considered negative when told, we have many other negative issues that can be addressed but this is definitely not one of them.


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